Will Your SEO Campaign Pass Its Physical?

July 3, 2014

SEO Health

Healthy eating and exercise are essential to keeping your body in good working condition. Similarly, a strong SEO plan will keep your agency healthy in terms of web leads and traffic. Here are some factors that are essential to any healthy SEO strategy.

The bones of your SEO campaign are your insurance agency website. Having an optimized website in terms of relevant keywords, robust structure and navigation, an XML sitemap and robots.txt files give your SEO campaign a solid base to work from. Without these basic elements, your agency marketing campaign will crumble.

Beauty is only skin deep. However in terms of SEO, having a beautiful website is very important to your overall SEO health. Does your insurance website have clear calls to action and easy navigation? Os it user-friendly? You may think it superficial, but having a good-looking website could mean the difference between a visitor staying on your website or clicking away to visit a competitor. You've worked for your keyword rankings, don't let an ugly website scare your visitors away.

The strength of your SEO campaign comes from your content. Everyone knows content is king. Keyword-rich, unique content brings the muscle to your SEO plan. Exercise it by updating your content regularly. This can also be accomplished by writing on your blog often.

Some consider blood to be the life force sustaining the human body. An SEO campaign is only as successful as the backlinks pointing to it. Your content must be useful enough for other websites to want to link to you. The search engines see this and will rank your insurance agency website higher because of it. Consider these backlinks a healthy blood flow that continues to pump life into your SEO campaign.

You are at the heart of every successful SEO campaign. Having a personable, customized website with lots of pictures of yourself, your staff and your office, as well as showing your personality on your about us page or blog and social media will help you stand out from the competition.

Keep your agency marketing and SEO campaign healthy by including each and every one of the elements above, and watch your web leads and traffic grow.

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