Why Your Insurance Agency Needs Millennial Marketing

July 1, 2015 Dylan Brooks

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'The times they are a changin'.' - Bob Dylan

Old marketing tactics - like yellow page ads and direct mail pieces - don't work the way they used to. Younger generations are using technology and interact with marketing differently. Companies are shaking up their messages to align with the millennial consumer base. These consumers value products that are high-quality, easy to use and provide benefits to their well-being in the form of improved health or safety. While cost remains a factor in purchasing decisions, there are many cases where price isn't the sole attribute consumers focus on.

Take a look at the sea of change in advertising and marketing across big brands. McDonalds and Chili's focus on the fresh, sustainable sourced ingredients in their meals. Ford and General Motors have drawn attention to fuel efficiency, safety and cleaner emissions.

The move towards millennial marketing has been and is occurring.

This shift is great news for independent insurance agents. It eases the challenge of pitching products and services with variable rates in a price-driven market. That's why you need to stay ahead of the Millennial marketing curve to grow your agency.

Millennial Marketing Online
Captive agents and direct writers are already taking advantage of this shift. How? Carriers like State Farm, GEICO, and Farmers are focusing their TV ads on benefits like roadside assistance and claim service availability. So, it's safe to say independent agents aren't the only ones who have a lot to gain from millennial marketing.

While captive agents might have the edge in mass media, you, as an independent agent, have a decided advantage online. You can provide better service, flexible coverage options and tangible community ties. Use these advantages in your search marketing efforts to corner the market. Start by focusing on what makes your agency stand out in its market, which is called a value statement.

Value, Not Just Keywords
It's important to let both prospects and search engines know the services you offer. However, optimizing your website around keywords like auto insurance isn't enough. People might find your website, but if your content won't stand out. If you don't give them a reason to stay with valuable content, visitors will go elsewhere.

Ask yourself and your team one question: 'What makes our agency better than the competition?' Survey customers to see what drew them to your agency. These exercises will help you find your agency's value statement.

Once you have answers, build it into your value statement. Then, incorporate it into the content of your insurance agency website. Add it to your home page, About Us page, line of business pages and blog articles. Also, feature your agency's value statement in any new material you put out.

Millennials will see your agency's utility and sustainability in your value statement. You'll then be more likely to draw in more leads and get more clients, especially from millennials.

Have you had success with millennial marketing? Let us know in the comments.

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