Why You Should Be Using Email in Your Agency Marketing Plan

January 27, 2016

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You may not realize it. Email marketing can be a huge asset in increasing your insurance agency's marketing reach. It can help you establish relationships, nurture leads, and reach a wide audience.

When you use email marketing to its fullest potential, it can result in many benefits for your agency.

Not convinced email marketing is for you? Here are a few more reasons you should be using email in your agency marketing plan.

#1 Easy Access

Smartphones and tablets are now the norm for reading email. Nowadays, information is available at our fingertips. Cell phones and tablets are our personal computers. Wireless Internet is available nearly everywhere. Because of this, we expect to receive emails and text messages immediately. Luckily for those using email marketing, this won't change anytime soon.

Marketingland reports that 66 percent of emails were opened on handheld devices. By contrast PC email opens were down to 34 percent. Today, when you send an email, it's easily accessible by your audience. This a plus for you.



#2 High ROI

Email marketing brings a high return on investment. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing in the United States yielded a 4,300 percent ROI in 2015. They also found that for every $1 spent on email marketing, businesses get $44.25 back. In fact, companies using email marketing generated 50 percent more sales-ready leads.

The proof is in the dollars. Compared to advertising or other online marketing tactics, email marketing doesn't cost much to implement. The higher response rate (see below) means you get a better return on your marketing dollar. This makes it perfect for your agency marketing strategy.





#3 More Engagement

Customers are more likely to respond to an email than a social media post. Other forms of communication have evolved over the years. But, email still remains the channel people engage with the most.

Social media as a form of business communication is risky. Your reach on social media is a miniscule percentage of your followers. Plus, a social media post is easily missed or overlooked. Email remains in the inbox until your prospect deletes it.





Bonus: Drives Website Traffic

A successful email marketing campaign will drive traffic to your insurance agency website. Including links in your agency marketing emails is the easiest way to get traffic to your website. You can also include website links in your email graphics, header and footer.

If it's not already clear from this list: email marketing is key part of any agency marketing plan. It's easily accessible, has a high ROI, and is the most popular form of communication for businesses.

Are you ready to improve your email marketing this year? We can help.




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