Why Your Insurance Agency Needs an Agency Management System

July 31, 2019

Why You Need an AMS

Why You Need an Agency Management System

In a nutshell, the right agency management system (AMS) brings order and sanity to your independent insurance agency by providing a complete view of tasks, sales, agent activities and account information.

As you well know, your agents manage an enormous amount of information and must complete a mountain of tasks every day for your agency to remain relevant and successful. An AMS effectively squeezes more time into every workday, maximizing revenue and ROI through improved productivity. Research shows a $5.60 return per dollar spent on AMS software. It’s that simple.

Bringing it all together …

Document management is essential to the efficiency of your workflows. An AMS organizes all the pieces into a single interface, including multiple carrier submissions, quotes and downloads, payments, ACORD forms and a library of templates that you can use to create new policy packages. Customer data is easy to find and always at your fingertips. Without a policy management system, countless hours are lost gathering information across various carrier websites. An AMS streamlines your book of business and puts the focus on your client’s complete account, rather than on the carriers.

Agent dashboards put your finger on the pulse of employee activity at all times. Your AMS should provide a snapshot of your agents’ time, productivity, commissions and workflows, allowing you to view and track monthly sales, pipeline statuses and accounts. Having everything at-a-glance lets you identify trends, reduce E&O and even spot potential agent fraud.

Customer service is all but effortless when client data is properly collected and maintained, allowing you to anticipate customer needs and even prevent issues. When challenges do arise, a ticket management tool expedites change requests and facilitates problem resolution. Plus, your customers can print ID cards, manage payments and documents … even track their claims.

Accounting and reporting for the independent agent can be time-consuming endeavors. An AMS will track payments, invoice customers, monitor EOD and reconcile carrier sweeps across multiple agencies. Notes, records and detailed account histories are timestamped and accessible from a single searchable location, improving accuracy and providing ultimate efficiency in real-time reporting and analysis. You can generate reports once and set them to run according to your schedule, while additional automated features track both overall profits and the profit margins of individual policies.

Custom paperless workflows are the answer to streamlining agent activities and eliminating hours of wasted time. Processes for everyday tasks, such as lead management, maintaining contact with customers, attaching proper documentation, policy-related transactions and even use of the system, itself, ensure that your CSRs are making the most of every hour on the job.

Automated marketing is the secret weapon to customer retention and increased lifetime value. It strengthens relationships for higher customer satisfaction through perfectly timed communications, based on criteria you choose. By taking the time to set up drip campaigns in your AMS, you are guaranteeing higher customer satisfaction, increased renewals, greater opportunities to upsell and more revenue every year … all with almost no ongoing effort by your team.

Compliance management ensures that issued policies conform to legal and industry regulations on the local, state and national level, and helps ensure that documents are kept secured, backed up and prepared for any audits or potential lawsuits.

The benefits of accessing all your agency’s information from a single platform simply cannot be overstated. The right agency management tool should be simple, efficient and easy enough for anyone to understand. And, it should be scalable to meet the needs of your growing agency. In the early days of your business, you may not even realize that you need an AMS. The incalculable amounts of time, money, frustration and lost business you could be saving with a management system are almost hard to fathom. Once you invest in the right system, you’ll wonder how you could ever survive without one. And, if the time ever comes to sell or pass on your agency, your AMS will be the tool you use to calculate the value of your book of business.


We have spent years developing a management system worthy of your independent insurance agency, be it brand new or multi-generational. As former agents, ourselves, we understand the needs and frustrations of real agents and have dedicated ourselves to making their work faster, easier and more profitable. We’re proud of our product and hope that you will allow us to share it with you and demonstrate exactly how we can help take your agency to the next level.

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