Why White Space is Good for Your Insurance Website

December 23, 2015


White space is the empty space between or around elements of insurance website design. It's also called negative space. White space isn't always considered when developing insurance website design. It is easy to forget since people don't think about it much or may not understand its importance.

Often, there is a tendency to fill every space on a website with a banner, button, text snippet or picture. Some agents think an unfilled space on their website is a wasted space.

However, white space is actually considered an active element of design. It creates an enjoyable and lasting experience on your insurance agency website.

Don't believe me? Let's look at a few reasons why white space is great for your insurance website.

It improves readability.

Adding white space to blocks of text, sentences and even individual letters improves readability.

Leading, kerning and tracking define the space between characters and lines of text. When letters and lines of text are too close together, it is difficult to read.

A study conducted by Wichita State University found that white space improves reading comprehension. It allows for more space around content so visitors can scan the text easier.

prospect screenshot

It guides and directs users on a page.

When properly used, white space creates a sense of organization that is easy to follow. This makes it easy for visitors to navigate through an insurance website.

White space also directs people towards clear messages. Important websites elements become the focus when white space fills the surrounding areas. It guides your visitors towards important calls to action. This also helps you cut clutter to create a better user experience.

whitespace can direct users

It creates a sense of sophistication and professionalism.

People want to do business with companies whose websites are well organized and professional. White space adds class and elegance to a website design. Its simplistic nature creates a sense of professionalism that adds credibility to your agency.

Many luxury brands use white space to show sophistication and high quality. Websites full of images, widgets, text snippets, slideshows and banners look cheap and unprofessional. Adding white space soothes the eye by ridding a website design of excess visual noise.


Without white space, insurance agency websites can easily become cluttered and overwhelming. This makes visitors leave a website quicker.

White space on your insurance website contributes to its harmony and balance. It also acts as a guide and creates a sense of professionalism that can keep visitors around long enough to convert.

Does your website lack white space? If so, it may be time for an overhaul. Check out our great insurance website designs to get started.

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