Why the Home Page is Down but Not Out

July 7, 2014

Earlier this year, The New York Times announced in 2013 traffic to their home page was half of what it had been in 2011. In two years their home page had taken a major hit to its influence.

And they are not alone. Insurance agency websites are not immune to this slide away from the home page. Potential clients usually start on your website on a page other than the home page when they discover your site through social media or search engines results.

Two things have helped this shift:

  1. More SEO Friendly Landing Pages: More insurance agents now have designated pages to pick up specific traffic for specific lines of business. A landing page has a stronger, tighter SEO focus and will pick up more clients looking for that specific type of information.

    For example, on an insurance agency website, there will be a page that focuses on auto insurance only. On that page all of the keywords and Meta tag information will be aimed at auto insurance, instead of a home page which discusses auto, homeowners and everything else the agency does.
  2. Social Media: Links on an agency's Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages rarely take clients to the insurance website's home page. Instead, they will go to a specific landing page that relates to the topic of the post.

    A post about summer fun and insuring watercraft will take people to the page about boat insurance. Or the links will be to the agency's blog or other special programs offer.

Though the home page may no longer be as relevant as it used to be, it is still an important part of your insurance agency website.

Search engines put an emphasis on the home page. If you leave the home page blank or unedited on a regular basis, it will affect your search engine optimization. (Tweet this!)

While less people may naturally find your home page than before, not putting effort into your home page design will deter potential clients whose first impression of you is through that very home page.

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