Why SEO is Essential for Your Agency

August 29, 2013


Once upon a time, you posted a flyer on the bulletin board at the local library, and that was your advertising. As long as your flyer was on top of the pile, your agency would get calls from people looking for insurance.

Today, the Internet is the bulletin board, and like that library's bulletin board, you need to be on top of the pile. 75 percent of people searching the Internet never look past the first page of results. This means if someone searches 'Dallas Auto Insurance' and you are not one of the first ten listed on the first page, you have little chance of that customer seeing you. Your agency's website needs to be on the top of the search results page, the Internet's bulletin board.

SEO (search engine optimization) is essential to succeeding online. In all of marketing, it can be argued to be the most important thing you should be spending your money and time on for your business this year. Successful agencies looking to grow are invested heavily in SEO.

SEO includes everything you, or the SEO expert you hired, does to help your website move higher in the search engine results. A well-designed website, frequent site content updates, regular blogging, social media, reviews and backlinks from other relevant websites are ways to increase your SEO.

In addition to online SEO, there are things you should be doing offline to help your SEO. It is important for people to know who you are, recognize your agency name and want to search for you. Get involved in the Chamber of Commerce in your town, post a sign for your agency in a busy section of town, buy an ad at the local bus stop, sponsor a community event or pass out flyers in your neighborhood so that people know who you are. Take business cards everywhere you go and pass out three to everyone you talk to about your agency.

Branding is important for your marketing because it helps your prospective clients see who you are and know your name so when they need an insurance agent, they will think of you.

SEO can get confusing as there are many marketing aspects that go into a successful SEO strategy. Plus, the search engines are always changing the algorithms (how they determine which results to show). It's important to remember that SEO is a waiting game because results are not immediate. Sometimes it can take a few months before you start to see results, especially if you're targeting competitive keywords.

For insurance agencies with a lot of competition, SEO can make a difference. Do you need help with SEO for your insurance website? Request a free agency consultation and let's see if it makes sense for our SEO team to help your agency.


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