Why is My Insurance Website Not on the First Page of Google?

December 2, 2015

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This is the million dollar question.

Every insurance agency with a digital marketing strategy wants to be on page one of Google. Think about the number of insurance agencies within the city limits of your office. They all want to be on page one, too.

A search on Google gives you 10 organic listings. If you add in a max of three local listings, that's a total of 13 spaces that you could rank in. Add a few paid listings, and you have 16 listings in the main left column of a search result. That's 16 listings out of hundreds of agencies that want those coveted spaces.

If your insurance website isn't listed on page one, there could be a ton of reasons why. Below I've listed four main reasons why your website may not be on page one.

  1. You Didn't Do Any On-Site Optimization
    Your insurance agency website needs to be friendly for the bots that crawl it. This includes optimizing your pages with title tags. Also, each line of business you want to rank on Google should have its own page of unique content with H1 and H2 tags. Why should they rank you higher if your pages aren't set up using their best practices? Why should they rank you higher if the bots can't access certain pages? If you want to rank on the first page, you have to play by Google's rules.

  2. You Have NAP Irregularities
    NAP (name,address and phone) is one of the most important signals for your local listings on Google. Your agency name, address and phone number needs to be exactly the same on every Internet listing. There are plenty of business listing websites. You can get a listing on Yelp, Yellow Pages and Citysearch. Some of these websites will generate a listing automatically for you by scraping your site. Those are the listings that will often have irregularities. Claim and edit these listings or remove them if they are duplicates.

  3. Your Online Reviews Are Non-Existent
    Continuing on with business listing websites... Many of them will let you collect reviews about your agency. Reviews are another strong signal that Google should rank your website higher. It's important to gather these reviews organically without offering any incentives. If you do offer incentives, it can hurt you if you're caught. Instead, be consistent about asking clients for reviews, and they will come.

  4. Your Content is Old
    Publishing unique content consistently on your website shows Google you care about being of value to consumers. Google's goal is to match the search query with the most relevant page to the query. There are several factors that go into what makes a page most relevant. But, content is one of the biggest factors. Write unique content that addresses questions clients tend to ask. You can use the blog on your insurance website or landings pages to publish your content. Creating a FAQ blog series is also a great way to capture long tail keyword questions.

These are just four reasons your insurance agency website might not be ranking well on Google. The SEO puzzle is much larger, though. It often requires professional assistance. We can help.

Our SEO services for insurance agencies can increase your online visibility. Request a free consultation to learn more about how we use the four above tactics and more to get you more traffic.


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