Why are More People Switching to Flat Design?

November 11, 2013

In the past website designs featured shadows, bubbles, shiny glares and a lot of gradients. Later, web designers moved more towards using faux-realistic textures, huge drop shadows and real objects in an attempt to bring real life to the screen. Recently, a more simplified and classically digital design approach has taken over the design world. You've seen companies like Microsoft and Google embracing this design style and updating their logos and programs with it.

Google Design

Flat design is a minimalistic design approach that is user-centric. Without the extra shadows, gradients and textures, the elements in flat design are clearer and easier to comprehend. Both the user experience and overall functionality are improved when there is less visual noise, which is what makes flat design so great for your online visitors. In short, flat designs are simply more soothing to the eyes. It is the most current, popular and successful style for a user interface. Anyone who wants his or her insurance agency website to be easy to use should take a look at this new trend.


Keep It Simple

All elements in a website that makes effective use of flat design must focus on the idea of simplicity. Bright, solid and clean colors; unornamented text; and simple, crisp illustrations all contribute to a cohesive and functional flat design. Plenty of bright, solid colors easily grab attention and help to guide a user's eye around the website. However, flat design can be just as successful with minimal usage of bright color.


Consumers have taken to the change to flat user interface design thanks to major companies like Microsoft and Google adopting it in their popular mail products. When these extremely popular mail clients released new versions with a completely flat aesthetic approach, they optimized the user experience so people transitioned smoothly and successfully.

Since we humans are a conventional species, we still need references to reality to help engage us with an interface. Therefore, clear, simple illustrations are still used in flat design. Windows 8, for example, uses little basket icons to represent shopping and an envelope for email. The truth is that simple images convey messages more quickly than detailed messages. I like the What is the Cloud? Infographic as you can easily grasp the concepts in its simplified illustration.


Flat design, like any other trend, could easily disappear very quickly. However, judging by the positive response of users everywhere and the effectiveness of this simple design approach, it is sure to be around for quite a while.

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