Which Insurance Company Mascot are You?

December 18, 2017 Darmini Kara


We've already discovered animals act as communication tools for brands when used as logos or mascots. Animals embody certain personality types. Those then carry over into the type of impression the insurance company wants to make to the public.

Today, let's have a little fun with animal insurance mascots. By answering the questions below, we'll reveal which insurance company mascot you are!


 1. You're at a Christmas party. You are…

A. The center of attention, with everyone listening to fabulous and funny stories about your life.

B. Surrounded by a large group of friends, all taking turns to share stories.

C. Part of a small, intimate group of friends or family.

D. Sitting in a corner, quietly observing everybody else.


 2. You see the last light saber toy your niece has been crying for on the store shelf. But so does someone else. You…

A. Sprint to the shelf with all your strength and make sure you get to it NO MATTER WHAT.

B. Try bargaining with the other person and ask if you could take the toy.

C. Point to something in the opposite direction then power walk awkwardly up to the shelf and sneak it away.

D. Leave (there's no way you can outrun anyone) and hope to appease your niece with something else


 3. How would you rate your looks?

A. DAMN, I Am Foine!

B. Yeah, I'm okay, but there's this one feature of mine ... *wink wink*

C. Just average.

D. Meh.


 4. The holidays are a time for family, festivities and food. However, sometimes, all of those happen at the same time in inconvenient ways. How likely are you to solve those problems?

A. I can easily come up with a solution to every problem I come across.

B. I can usually find a way to make everyone happy.

C. I have my moments. 

D. Don't count on me.


 5. How successful are you as independent insurance agent?

A. I follow ITC closely, i.e. their social media, webinars, newsletters, trade shows, conferences and blogs.

B. I follow ITC on social media and blogs

C. I glance at their Facebook page every now and then

D. Who is ITC?



If you answered mostly As: ING Group’s lion. Characteristics: Powerful, Good-looking, Compelling, Courageous

If you answered mostly Bs: Nationwide’s eagle. Characteristics: Attractive, Self-confident

If you answered mostly Cs: The Hartford’s stag. Characteristics: Protective, Eloquent, Charming

If you answered mostly Ds: Elephant Auto Insurance. Characteristics: Spiritual, Intelligent, Principled, Protective

Please note this quiz is just for fun, and has no basis in reality whatsoever.

(Source: http://animalinyou.com/)


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