When Should You Update Your Logo?

February 3, 2016

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Every year, many companies go through the process of updating the look and feel of their logo. This can amount to spending a large sum of money.

To some, spending funds on updating a logo can seem like an unnecessary cost. Perhaps they feel the money should be spent elsewhere. But, those people may not realize how important a company's logo is.

Your agency's logo is your first impression. It conveys who you are. If your logo is outdated, it could send the wrong message.

Today, I'll go over the top three signs that tell you it may be time to update your insurance agency logo.

  1. Competitor Changes
    A good rule of thumb is to look at your competition. This is especially true if your competitors have recently made changes to their logo or branding. If your logo falls flat against your competitors in your own eyes, just imagine how your potential customers feel. Your logo has to communicate the right message to your customers. But, it should also be visually appealing when doing so. We all love to associate ourselves with things that are pretty and new. If your logo lacks visual appeal, it's time to make a few changes of your own.

  2. Embrace Evolution
    You don't always want to wait for your competition, though. Sometimes your logo is just outdated. When it was made, I'm sure it was great. It was exactly what you wanted, right? But if the last time you touched it was back in the early 2000's, then it's definitely time to update your logo.

    As time passes, so does the evolution of design. Instead of appearing to be frozen in time, you want to show your customers that you too are able to evolve. Look at Nike, McDonald's, Apple, 7-Eleven, and Coca-Cola. These are some of the world's most recognizable brands. However, they each decided that less was more and simplified their logos. They managed to find a happy medium between changing with times and staying true to their brand recognition.

  3. New Management
    Within your insurance agency, you might experience many changes. One example is ownership changes. Something like changing leadership could be the perfect opportunity to initiate a logo redesign. This is especially true if the agency name or the agency's ideas and philosophies changed. Either are all the more reasons to change or update your logo.

If you are ready for an update, it's important to remember it can be a tricky process. If you have a well-established agency, you don't want to do a complete overhaul of your logo. Doing so could potentially do more harm or confuse your current customers. Instead, do like the big companies I named above and make subtle changes.

It is also wise to get professional help when updating your logo. This will save you time and ensure your revived logo is appropriate for use across multiple platforms.


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