What's in Release of InsurancePro

January 15, 2018

These are the enhancements that are included in the next release of agency management system InsurancePro (Release

  • Added education level, occupation, and industry fields.
  • Added anniversary date and email status fields. If you have AgencyBuzz, these fields will go over to our agency marketing system as well as the new occupation field.
  • Added EFT+Credit Card payment method.
  • Added additional cell phone fields.
  • Added the ability to add a custom message to receipts. This can be per location. To add a message go to Agency Settings > Agency Information.
  • Added a search box in the agents and location area.
  • Added export to excel button in the follow ups screen.
  • Updated the main menu for a cleaner look.
  • Modified reprinting of receipts to not always reprint next payment due date unless specified.
  • Modified how the sold date is set from downloads.
  • Modified check printing a previous address of the insured.
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