What Top Insurance Agencies Know About Social Media (That You Don’t)

April 10, 2017

social media illustration with computerHave you seen those agencies with a large social media following and high engagement? That didn’t appear the day they created their profiles. It was built up over time by taking measured, proactive steps.

The cool thing is you can reach this kind of success too, even if your agency is relatively small. Here is what top insurance agencies know about social media that you don’t.

They Know When and What to Post

Top agencies know to post regularly. Whether it’s many times per day or per week, they stick to it. That’s because the benefits of social media only come when you actually use it on a consistent basis.

More importantly, they always share information relevant to their target audience. Insurance-related messages don’t make up 100 percent of their posts. There is often a good dose of human interest sprinkled in too.

They mix up the type of content they share. Along with text-only posts, they share pictures, videos, and gifs. Top social media users will take part in trending hashtags and tag relevant accounts, too.

They Respond to Upset Customers

If a customer called you with an issue, how fast does it take for you to respond? What about if they tweet you?

Top insurance agencies respond promptly to customer questions and needs on social media. Social media is a two-way communication platform, after all. These days, customers are very comfortable with reaching out to a company on social media.

Have a plan in place to communicate with upset customers. In most cases, it is best practice to not delete the offending comment. In your response, don’t argue. Move to continue the conversation in private. Send them a message with your phone number or email.

They Don’t Put Their Foot in Their Mouth

When you are a corporate entity or even small business on social media, it is a spotlight on your business. Negative things can go viral as easily as positive or funny things. Like at a dinner party, avoid topics that are divisive such as politics and religion. Save those opinions for your private, personal profile.

If there is a national tragedy, reevaluate what you’ll be posting. If you pre-scheduled your social media posts, decide whether to delete posts for that day. Social media snafus are often unintentional, but can be avoided with a little vigilance.

They Know to Fill Out Their Bios

This sounds like a no-brainer. But, many insurance agencies don’t realize the full potential of their social media bio. This section has vital information like your website URL, phone number, and location.

Top insurance agencies realize their bios are equal to an online first impression. When it’s well-populated with necessary information, people find you more legitimate.

Make sure each field is filled out and keep your bio up to date. Beyond the basic fields, there are often general fields to put any other information you want. Use that space to your advantage. Link to your website’s consumer rater or latest blog post, for example.

Besides the important bio section, top agencies have the rest of their profiles filled out. That means profile pictures and header images are on-brand and high resolution.

They Set Realistic Expectations

Social media is a marathon, not a race. Gaining followers takes sustained, consistent effort over long periods of time. So, don’t aim to get 500 followers in your first month. Top insurance agencies avoid setting unrealistic goals.

Top agencies also know it’s not necessary to spend hours online to reap rewards from social media. Instead, they spend a little bit of time every day on social media. Plan to check in to your social media profiles for 10 minutes each day.

Put in the time and followers will appear over time. Set your expectations accordingly.

Something all top insurance agents are great at is time management. If necessary, outsource your social media management to a reputable marketing company. Contact us for a free consultation!

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