What Should I Put On My Homepage Content?

February 7, 2012

Many insurance agents ask me what kind of information should be added to their homepage. This is a pertinent question as a website's homepage is the most important page. It sets a tone for the type of agency you are, as well as providing relevant information, such as products and services offered. A good homepage provides just enough information to grab the attention of a prospect, without giving too much information which could be a turn off. Here are a few things to remember when composing your homepage content.

What is the goal of your website?

Answering this question will help to narrow down what to add to your homepage content. Do you want to raise awareness about your agency? Do you want to increase your agency's web visibility? Provide easy access to your agency's products and services? Provide insurance information, tips and tricks? Whatever the answer is, customize your content, so you achieve those goals.

In no particular order, these should be available on the homepage of your website:

  • Types of products and services offered, including specialty or niche products
  • Agency's unique selling point (How do you stand out from your competitors?)
  • Easy access to quote forms
  • Agency values, perhaps a brief history
  • One or two testimonials
  • Other companies you work with
  • Geo-targets (cities, states) you service

On the whole, make sure that your homepage reflects your values as an insurance agent and puts your agency's best foot forward. Incorporating all of the points above will result in naturally occurring keywords for SEO. Try not to write copy solely with SEO in my mind, which could have the effect of sounding contrived and spammy. Just have fun with it, and if it sounds interesting to you, then chances are, it'll sound interesting to a prospect too!

Extreme example from CopyHackers.com.


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