What’s in Release of InsurancePro

December 8, 2014 Becky Schroeder

These are the enhancements that are included in the next release of agency management system InsurancePro (Release

  • Added FR-44 form for Virginia under General Forms
  • Added the ability to see both physical and mailing address from downloads
  • Moved storage of policy summaries from downloads to the database
  • Corrected an issue where the scanning module was not using the paper size the user selected
  • Corrected an issue with form 67 for Missouri
We have certified the below companies for downloads.

  • Pacific Specialty, NAIC codes 37850, 11168 for auto and home
  • Columbia Mutual Insurance, NAIC codes 40371, 19640, 11258, 35629, 13834 for auto
  • Windsor-Mount Joy Mutual Ins, NAIC code 26166 for home
  • Gulfstream, NAIC code 12237 for home
  • Frederick Mutual, NAIC code 14753 for home
  • California State Auto Association, NAIC codes 37770, 10921, 11681 for home
  • The Farmers Fire Ins Co., NAIC code 11061 for home
  • SafePoint Insurance, NAIC code 15341 for home
  • Sunshine State Ins., NAIC code 10860 for home
  • Southern Fidelity, NAIC codes 10136, 10908 for home
  • Hagerty Auto, NAIC Codes 20435, 42625, 35289, 35270, 34622, 15130, 11251, 10071, 10358, 11996, 10072, 11599, 10055 for auto
  • Frontline, NAIC codes 10186, 10897 for home
  • Agency Insurance Company of Maryland, NAIC code 35173 for auto
  • Universal Insurance Manager, NAIC codes 10759, 11968 for home
  • Vermont Mutual, NAIC codes 26018, 25992, 14095 for auto and home
  • Kramer Wilson Company, NAIC code 26905 for home
  • Allstate, NAIC code 19232 for home
  • The Philadelphia Contributionship, NAIC codes 11282, 17914 for home
  • Concord General Mutual, NAIC codes 20672, 20680, 13110 for auto and home
  • American Integrity, NAIC code 12841
  • Heritage, NAIC codes 14407, 12957, 12359
For Team-Up:
  • American Reliable, NAIC code 19615 for home
  • Hallmark, NAIC codes 34037, 43494, 29378, 26808, 29408 for home
  • Barton Mutual, NAIC code 00341 for home
For NxTech:
  • Kansas Mutual, NAIC code 14362 for home
  • GuideOne, NAIC codes 15032, 14559, 42803, 42331, 31283 for auto
  • Meramec Valley Mutual, NAIC Code 13894 for home
  • Aggressive, NAIC codes 29297, 13722, 29378, 19119, 11665 for auto
View a complete list of companies and NAIC codes.

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