What Google Hates to See on Your Insurance Website

April 27, 2016

Keyboard buttons love hateWe all know what Google loves to see on an insurance agency website: good content and good backlinks.

But what does Google hate? Here are five things that are definitely a turn off for Google.

Google Hates Ugly Content

Content ugly to users is ugly to Google as well. Poor spelling and grammar is one of the 200 factors contributing to your rankings.

If your website content has poor grammar and typos, users won't read your content. When people don't read your content, they visit less pages.

Content without keywords is also something Google doesn't like.

Keywords help the search engine to figure out what your content is about. They also help users quickly scan a page and find what they're looking for.

Add enough keywords to your content to look natural to a user and not excessive to Google.

Also be aware of duplicate content on other pages of your insurance website. Google sees duplicate content and categorizes it as poor quality and then ranks it lower.

Google Hates Spam

You may think adding a lot of keywords to your home page would make Google see your insurance website as more relevant. But that is untrue.

Including an excess amount of keywords, also called keyword stuffing, gives a bad impression. If you write auto insurance for the whole state, don't list every city in your footer.

Also, make sure all the links on your website work properly. Each link should go to the appropriate page and not to a 404 (page not found) page.

If you find any broken links, fix them immediately.

Google Hates Cold Websites

A website with no information about the agency or agents is what I consider to be a cold website. Trust builds relationship, and insurance is all about the relationships.

Your insurance website needs to tell users about the type of agency and people they are going to be working with.

Tell visitors about yourself by filling in your website's About and Employees pages. Use professional headshots if possible. Make sure each of your locations are also listed on your website.

Insurance Website Builder websites come with About Us and Location pages by default. All you have to do is enter your agency's information.

Once you do, Insurance Website Builder adds a special markup, called schema, to your locations. Google can then find and categorize your information more easily.

Google Hates That Your Website is Not Available on Mobile

You are more likely to see the mobile version of a website when browsing the Internet on your smartphone. That's because Google ranks mobile versions higher for mobile users.

Google would prefer not to show a desktop version on your smartphone. This is because a website that is not mobile friendly is difficult to use and does not adapt well to mobile screen dimensions.

Not to worry, though, if you have an Insurance Website Builder website. Every one of our websites comes with a free mobile version.

Another option is to use a responsive insurance website template design. Responsive designs work on both mobile and desktop.

Google Hates When Your Website Doesn't Respond Quickly

Much like a date who doesn't respond to your texts, an insurance website that is slow to load is annoying. Several things affect your website's load times, including your content. The time it takes for a website to load is affected by the elements on your website, like images, flash, JavaScript and CSS styles.

Images also have an impact on your load time. Make your images small and light. CSS and Javascript files should load in external files instead of on every page. This is so those files are not loaded every time someone visits a page.

If you're not sure whether your website loads fast or slow, test it. You can test your page speed here https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/. Google will give you suggestions on how to improve your load time.

Any of these blunders sound familiar? It may affect your insurance agency website in Google's results. Fixing it as soon as you can will help. If you're is subject to all Google's hate, I suggest taking a hard look at everything on your website.

Each of the points above are reparable. The sooner you fix your website, the quicker Google will start sharing the love.

If you're not sure whether your insurance website is on Google's love or hate list, request a free agency consultation with one of our marketing experts.

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