What An Outdated Insurance Website Says

September 13, 2017 Karly Baker

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Would you purchase groceries at a store with expired food? Would you ignore the oil change light in your vehicle?

If you answered yes, then we need to have a serious chat! The correct answer is no. Of course you would not venture to a grocery store that always has expired food. And, you would not ignore the check oil light in your vehicle.

The same applies for your insurance website. If a prospect visits your website and the graphics are old, or the most recent blog post is from 2014, they will leave.

Your website is part of your brand, and your brand is a direct representation of your agency.

If you allow your website to become outdated, think about what that says about you and your agency.

Here’s what goes through my mind when I see an outdated business website.

“Business must be slow for these people. It doesn’t look like they’ve touched their site in awhile.”

“Is this company even still in business?”

“Oh well. They probably can’t help me. Next.”

Websites are important to today’s consumers. When you neglect something as important as your website, visitors may think you neglect other areas of your business.

If prospects don’t feel good about your company’s quality, they are not going to trust you with their business.

Russell Frazier of Visigility.com details nine points as to how an outdated website is hurting your business. Even though these assumptions may not be true, they will still shape perceptions of value and quality you offer.

  1. People may think you just don’t care.
  2. The quality of goods or services is questionable.
  3. Your credibility is diminished.
  4. You don’t look like you’re with it.
  5. You make your competition look great.
  6. Outdated websites are embarrassing.
  7. It’s hurting customer service and morale.
  8. Your Google rankings are dropping.
  9. It looks like you’re out of business.

As an insurance agent, you know first impressions are key. Viewers judge you by the look and feel of your website before deciding to take a chance on you. Make sure your website's design is up to date by refreshing it every few years. A series of small updates can keep it looking modern.



Does your insurance website need a refresh? We can help. Contact us today.  


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Karly Baker

As a website coordinator, Karly Baker is the initial contact to customers who purchase Insurance Website Builder. She coordinates all aspects of website design between the customer and our graphic designers. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. Being an athlete since childhood has created a desire in Karly to always strive for excellence and never quit.

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