Websites Are Essential to Any Business, Especially Auto Insurance Agencies

May 6, 2017



Conceivably, a great ever-growing number of objects in everyday life are connected to the internet.  It’s no surprise then that a good deal of business is done online: business transactions and marketing efforts are abundant in the world-wide web. The ubiquitous internet, which is becoming more and more unavoidable for consumers everywhere, offers businesses of all kinds the opportunity to profit financially from web availability. Owning a professionally designed website has become standard for any general business, and since there is a great dependency on mobile devices among customers, it must be fully supported on the wide range of existing platforms and devices in order to maintain a relevant website usability. This is unexceptionally the case for auto insurance agencies.


Establish Your Business's Online Visibility

A website serves your auto insurance agency for several foundational purposes. The first is that it establishes your business’s online visibility. Your agency can profit significantly simply by existing online and having a strong online business presence to provide potential customers with information on your coverage plans. According to the Website Accessibility Initiative, accessible websites allow a wider range of people to access your insurance company: low literacy rates, disabilities, age, foreigners, poor internet connections, old technology, and infrequency of internet use are no longer factors that can impede your company’s visibility. Your insurance website will increase the number of potential customers and clients by increasing the market segments.

"Your agency can profit significantly
simply by existing online to provide
potential customers with information on
on your coverage plans."


What’s more, the internet makes it easy to interact with other companies, exchanging publicity by way of your site links; the more sites provide links to your agency website, the more customers you’re likely to reach out. Perhaps the biggest way in which an agency website helps your insurance company gain financially is by expanding your geographical range and allowing your customers access to information in the after-hours of the company. For instance, it makes a great difference when a client can log in to his or her account on the agency website and pull up their ID card whenever they need it, i.e.,  if they are pulled over and have forgotten their physical copy. 


Supported in All Platforms

It is equally as imperative that your insurance agency website is designed to be fully supported in all platforms and devices used by consumers; especially smart phones, which are currently almost universally used in the consumer market. This helps your agency website be more web-friendly. If your website is not fully supported on devices besides a computer, your agency could lose business. It is essentially the difference between being on the 1st page of a search engine and being on the second or third.


Reduces Costs

Acting on website importance also reduces costs significantly. One way your insurance agency can cut costs is through online transactions. When customers can complete transactions online and have access to all the information they need, you can decrease the need for customer support services and save time and money that would normally be used for paper and personnel interactions. This allows your insurance agents to do what is most required of them (to quote, bind, and sell) rather than spend time answering frivolous questions. An accessible agency website also reduces marketing costs, giving your insurance company far better exposure than other forms of advertisement (e.g. t.v. commercials, billboards, etc.) while being significantly cheaper.


Make a Great Impression

If you design it professionally, your website can make a great impression on a larger pool of consumers than on your agencie’s location. By giving your agency a positive image online you are more likely to turn your customers into lifetime consumers and increase the usability of your website. Website importance is not merely a question of aesthetic. It should be organized, clean, and pleasing to the eyes, but there is another aspect of web designing just as essential: all your company’s information and products should be easily accessible and readily available for your customers. Your business online presence affects your company’s employees, partners, stakeholders, supplies, and all others associated to it. This makes your company’s image not only a necessity for your company’s financial gains but also an integral part of its corporate social responsibility.

"Your website affects your company’s employees, partners, stakeholders, supplies and all others associated to it."

That said, it’s worse to have a poor website than to have none. As was just established, one of the benefits of a well-designed website is that it makes a good impression on more people. Invariably, a poorly designed website gives a poor impression on a large number of potential online customers. If your website’s design is unappealing and makes it difficult to find information on employees or insurance policies, then your website does more bad than good considering the costs it takes to create it. Your business’s website reflects you as a business owner and your company’s professionalism. That’s why you’ll lose potential customers by failing to gain their trust and respect if your website appears to have been designed by a dabbler.


Offer Diversity of Services and Products

It’s misleading to think that a website is nothing more than an informative display. It certainly can be. However, a company’s dominion over competitors is primarily established by the diversity of services and products it can offer, and the efficiency with which it can offer them. A business’s capacity for this is reflected in its website. If your agency’s website offers customers unique features, apart from the info, such as the ability to print court orders, insurance verification, and id cards, then it will attract more customers and maintain them for longer than competing agencies. Much of the company’s ability to upend competitors depends on the website’s efficiency as well, it is therefore just as imperative for the website to be highly optimized by providing form features that make management of the business much more practical. It should be easy for you or your businesses web designer to change site styles and for your customer to access all of the website’s features (e.g. links).


Why Acquire Web Design Service From a Software Provider?

This is why it is essential for you to acquire web design service from a software provider like Agency Matrix. It provides a responsive insurance software service that displays your website perfectly on any device and platform; and if you’ve already designed it, Agency Matrix can verify how web or mobile-friendly your current website is. Its web designing service offers you a unique ability to get exposure, creating your website to be SEO Optimized. Agency Matrix management software allows you to design your essential auto insurance website just as you envision it, catering to the company’s identity and image in the way that best advertises it and conveys its services. Its service comes in different plans: standard Plugin, Gold, and Platinum. It’s Gold service provides you with 4-5 pages sufficient to give customers all your company’s information. However, with their Platinum plan, you can receive features that no other software provider can offer such as tying your website in with management systems. In this way, it benefits your insurance agency by allowing you to manage your company more efficiently online. A manager can see all the quotes and the respective employees assigned to them. Agency Matrix’s service also offers unique benefits to your agency’s customers: your website can generate a username and password for new customers (option exists to automatically assign them to all clients and automatically send them informative emails). It also allows your customers to view their policies, court order forms, id cards and print them when necessary. Agency Matrix caters to all your website design needs and more, giving you the website that can launch your business to a new business standard. If you’re in the market for cutting edge insurance software, request an Agency Matrix demo today.


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