Website Traffic Converting at 2% or Less? Here’s How You Can Fix It

March 22, 2017

same thinking same result coffee napkin You blog. You have unique content. You have high quality, relevant backlinks. You’re averaging 300 new organic visitors a month. But, you’re lucky to get four or five leads.

An adaptive insurance website can improve your conversion rate, but what if a new website design is not in your budget? You need a return on your investment. After all, your insurance agency depends on new business to survive. What can you do?

Can you force new visitors to engage your website? No. Can you give them a gentle marketing nudge? Absolutely!

More importantly, will it cost you an arm and a leg? At most, a finger or a toe. Below are my recommendations on tools that can increase your conversion rate. Better yet, two of the three are completely free to put in place. Keep reading to see if these tools are a good fit for your agency.


What is Privy? It’s a free platform that allows you to customize popups, banners, flyouts, scroll boxes, announcements bars, and embeddable forms for email collection.

But wait…popups are annoying, right? As an internet marketer, I see where you’re coming from. But, the data speaks for itself. The secret to success is to not be intrusive. Set your popup to show one time per visitor.

For one of our clients, the popup below has produced 32 leads in the last 18 days. A popup for another client has generated 32 leads in the last 13 days. (Keep in mind, results may vary.) These are 64 leads that they would have probably not captured otherwise.

screenshot of customer popup ad

This popup was set to appear when the visitor was about to exit the website. This is called exit intent.

When the visitor clicks on the Save me money! button, it takes them to a contact form. When the visitor clicks on the I’d rather pay more button, the popup closes. is a free live chat application where website visitors can communicate with you in real time. If your contact and quote forms are not converting well, try a live chat. If you can assign an agent or agents to watch this feature, it can drive conversions.

You can set your live chat to only run during office hours. You can also hire an inexpensive, 24/7 chat agent from websites like or You may want to stay away from offline chat/leave a message, because it may distract them from your website’s main call to action and there are no agents to respond to questions.

AdWords Remarketing

A prospect visits your website and leaves. They don’t bookmark your website, and may barely remember your agency’s name. How will you ever close that deal?

AdWords Remarketing can recapture that visitor and turn them into a customer. The image below illustrated the process.

remarketing diagram

Have you ever looked at a product online, only to see it pop up again in a banner ad later that day? Using the same method, remarketing shows your ads to people who have already visited your website.

How much does AdWords Remarketing cost? It depends. You are still bidding against other advertisers, like a standard AdWords campaign. But, the cost per click will almost always be less. Using images for your ads is usually the best option. You can even create various sizes of ads that are placed on finance or insurance related websites. You can always measure and refine a remarketing campaign to maximize your conversion rate.

If your conversion rate is low, don’t give up on your website. It’s a lot more powerful than you think. As always, the SEO team at ITC is here to guide you.

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