Version is on its way!

June 6, 2012

A new update is coming. This update is directed at issues reported by our QA staff as well as our customers. It will take care of stability issues with the endorsement and binder forms as well as a problem with properly applying a cancellation effective date with cancellation transactions processed with downloaded files.

We're also going to begin using our shiny new web services server! If you haven't checked out our post from May 29th, please do so. It will give you insight into any proxy or firewall changes you may have to make. The new server should speed things up a bit.

We will have a slow roll-out so that we can monitor performance and ensure a pleasant upgrade experience. This means that we will make the release available to small groups at a time. If you want to be upgraded, give us a call. We can usually make it happen in a minute or two.

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