Use Your Insurance Website to Grow Your Social Media Following


Do you want a social media following, but have no clue where to start? The solution may be closer than you think.

Trying to build your agency's social media presence can be difficult. Especially if you’re starting from square one. 

But, don’t get discouraged. Insurance agencies with large social followings build them up over time. Some may even buy followers.

Buying followers is a quick fix. But buyer beware: Purchased followers won’t know your agency or interact with your brand. Then, it’s a waste.

Earn An Engaged Following

The primary goal of growing your social audience should be earning engaged followers.

These are the people that will click on links you share. They’ll retweet your photos or videos. They’ll learn more about your agency and who you are.

These are the followers you want. So how do you get them?

Luckily, you already have a tool at your disposal to grow your agency’s social media following.

Work Smarter

Let your insurance website do the work for you. Your website has it all…

  1. Specific information on who you are and what you do
  2. What services you provide
  3. How you can help visitors
  4. How your visitors can contact you

If your website is helpful and relevant to your target audience, you are likely getting decent online traffic.

Pass that traffic along to your social media pages. Then, your website’s visitors can find and connect with you around the web.

Add social icons to your website. Most websites have these icons displayed in the footer or header for easy access. The icons are small enough to be unobtrusive to your website’s design, too.


website footer with social icons


Most social media platforms have a widget that can be embedded on your website as well. These live feeds display your latest activity on the platform. Interactive buttons also encourage website visitors to engage.

The below screenshot shows an embedded Twitter feed on our of our website designs. Also notice the social media icons in the bar right above the feed.


website footer with social media widget

Your website should be the center hub for all your social media platforms. But, also consider adding icons to your email signature. Make sure they link to the correct page.

Every person you interact with over email will have the option to engage. This also solidifies your agency’s branding. Your website, email and social profiles should appear uniform.


insurance email signature  insurance email signature  email signuature

It is imperative to keep your branding consistent throughout these platforms. Your brand is a direct representation of you, and first impressions are critical.

Mutual Benefits

In turn, when posting to your social platforms, try to provide a way back to your website. Some followers may not have originally found you through your agency’s website.

Include a link to your homepage or quote form in your profile bio. If you wrote a blog post or have a FAQ page about a relevant topic, share it in your post.

Drawing people back to your website will not only further endorse you as a business owner but also help with creating traffic.

Social Media Success

For the digital marketing novice, or the busy agent, social media can be overwhelming.

Start by researching and understanding the platform. If you are unfamiliar, yet you just dive in, success isn’t guaranteed.

Post on a weekly or bi-weekly basics. Show your prospects and clients that you are up-to-date with trends and in-the-know. This gives them confidence in you and your ability to assist them.

Take the time to learn these social platforms, and when you do, use them to benefit your business. 

About the Author

Karly Baker

As a website coordinator, Karly Baker is the initial contact to customers who purchase Insurance Website Builder. She coordinates all aspects of website design between the customer and our graphic designers. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. Being an athlete since childhood has created a desire in Karly to always strive for excellence and never quit.

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