Unlinked Mentions: What They Are and How to Use Them

January 16, 2017

chain linksPerhaps you've partnered with a local business in the community. They mentioned your agency on the Partners page of their website. But, they didn't link back to yours.

When an online mention is not linked to a website, it is an unlinked mention.

If your insurance website has been in existence for a few years, it may have unlinked mentions online. Unlinked mentions are significant because they can turn into valuable backlinks.

A Bit on Backlinks

Backlinks are important to SEO. How important? They are one of Google's top ranking factors.

But, backlinks are also difficult to come by. They have to be earned and built over time. Even if your insurance website has quality 10x content, you still may not earn links.

That's where unlinked mentions come in. If you can find them, they can easily be turned into backlinks.

Finding Unlinked Mentions

Go to Google and search for your agency using your domain name.

Let's say my agency's name is Dessommes Insurance and my domain name is DessommesInsuranceAgency.com.

My search query should be: 'Dessommes Insurance' OR 'dessommesinsuranceagency.com'. Make sure to capitalize OR and include the quotations.

Look through the search results for any mention of your agency. Let's say you've found your agency name on a community website. There's your first unlinked mention.

You would like them to link that logo back to your website. Then, it would become a valuable backlink.

Who to Ask

Your next step would be to contact someone to add the link. Look for the Contact Us page and fill out a contact form.

If you can't find an email address or contact form, try emailing the webmaster. Go to hunter.io/email-verifier and verify the webmaster's email address. Format it like this: webmaster@exampledomain.com.

If the email address is valid, send your email. If the webmaster cannot help you, ask them to forward your email to someone who can.

How to Ask

Use the following template to format your email. Include your agency name, your website link, and where you want the link to be.


I noticed you featured Dessomes Insurance on your Community Partners page. Thanks so much for mentioning us! Would you be able to add a link to our website so your readers can find out more about us? The link is http://www.DessomesInsuranceAgency.com.

Thanks so much,


Other Tactics

If you're not having any luck finding links on Google, try answering these questions. It'll help you brainstorm ways to find unlinked mentions.

Think about ways you connect to organizations. Your agency has probably formed business partnerships. Or, you may be an active alumni, on a board of directors, donated to charity, or volunteered.

Look out for these opportunities when searching for unlinked mentions. You never know what you'll find.

Do you have other methods for uncovering links? Let's talk about it below in the comments.

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