Top Four Ways to Determine If Your Insurance Website Needs a Facelift


There is often excitement in the beginning after a big purchase, like a car, which wears off over time. Though the enthusiasm diminishes over the time you own the car, you get routine maintenance and other updates to keep your car running until the time comes to replace it. Your insurance agency website works much in the same way.

You're excited about your new website during the design and setup phase. But once your website is live and that initial eagerness starts to fade, you (or your website manager) must still make sure everything remains up-to-date until it is time for a facelift. The biggest problem is determining when that time has come, so here is a list of four reasons it may be time to give your website a facelift.

It Doesn't Work Well on a Mobile Device.

Having a website is important, and in today's world, mobility is key. 61% of people used their phones in 2013 daily to do a search. Not having a mobile-friendly website can hurt your online visibility as people will not stick around. A mobile website is easier to use and find information, which keeps visitors on your site longer.

It Doesn't Rank in Search Results.

Traffic from Google is crucial to the success of your website as consumers go straight to the search engine giant to start their research. If you're website doesn't rank in the search engine results, you have a problem. It's time for a new website that is built with the proper infrastructure to be found and indexed by the search engines.

Your Bounce Rate is High.

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the better for your agency as he or she is more likely to request a quote or otherwise engage and remember you. To encourage your visitors to stay, update the look and feel of your website to give an overall wonderful experience. You should also keep your content simple and entertaining. The inner mechanics of your website matter as much as the aesthetics. If you're website is welcoming, you'll welcome more people!

The Design Looks Out of Date.

You update your website with fresh content daily and have a whole team of SEO experts dedicated to your online visibility, but if your insurance website design looks like it's older than five years, no one will stay to check out your agency. Instead, they'll quickly leave your page without taking any of the actions you'd like your visitors to take. A clean design with easy navigation and great calls to action using current design trends and website technology will show your agency is relevant and up to date.

There you have my four ways to tell if your website needs a facelift. Have a question about insurance website design? Ask us in the comments.

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