Top Five Questions You Need to Answer on Your Website

July 31, 2013

Consumers are looking for information when they visit your insurance agency website. The information they are searching for can vary, but below are core questions you need to be able to answer on your website because they will help your online visitors decide whether to contact you.

Who are you?

Potential leads may not be familiar with you or your agency. They will want to know who you are beyond simply another insurance agent or agency. On your home page or about us page, you can write about your agency's history and experiences. You can show photographs of your building, location or staff. Also, you can show who you are through your social media profiles or blog posts. By personalizing your insurance website and showing who you are, you will build trust and credibility with your online visitors.

What services do you offer?

You want to clearly show what services you offer so when consumers come to your website, they can quickly see whether you can offer them the services or coverages they're looking for. Your services can be displayed in various ways on your home page such as clearly visible buttons or slides in a slideshow. Current customers can discover other ways you can help them through your website and therefore contact you for other services.

Where are you located or Where are you licensed?

By showing your location or where you are licensed, consumers can see that you offer coverages in their area. They will also be able to see your location and where they can visit you. Furthermore, displaying your location will allow the search engines to see where you are located, and this can help with your local listings.

Why are you different?

Spinning off of who you are, you also want to show why you are different. You can display any insurance awards or esteemed organizations you're a member of. Show how trustworthy you are by sharing your involvement in the community and that you are a long established agency. If you have a unique approach on how you find coverage or take care of your customers, you will want to mention this on your insurance agency website. This will help customers feel comfortable with contacting you for handling their insurance needs.

How can they contact you?

After customers find the answers to their questions, they will have one last simple question. How do they contact you? Don't make it difficult for them. Have your contact information highly visible throughout your website. Place your phone number at the top of your website, detailed contact information at the bottom of your website, or a simple Contact Us link at the top of your website. You can take it a step further and offer a short contact form on your website so that they can send you a contact request day or night.

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