Top 7 Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Insurance Website

woman viewing websiteA good insurance agency website attracts quality traffic and encourages people to stay. The longer your visitors stay, the more they get to know you. This familiarity makes them more likely to convert into a lead.

We have looked at and designed thousands of insurance websites. With that experience we have seen what is effective and what is not at getting people to stay on a website.

The following are seven best practices to keep visitors on your insurance agency website.

1. Attractive Design

A professional insurance website design shows the agency is reliable and trustworthy. A thoughtful and attractive design indicates what kind of agency you are. It also makes your agency stand out against sloppy competitor websites.

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2. Clear Navigation

Visible and consistent navigation makes it easy for your visitors to find information. Make the text readable with a simple font style and reasonable size.

Do not change the navigation from page to page. The inconsistency disorients people and leads to frustration. When people get frustrated, they will leave and never come back.

3. Contact Information

Display contact information in an obvious place. The most common area is in the top right corner of every webpage. This placement is easy to find as visitors click around your insurance agency website. This way, no matter where the visitor is, he or she can see your phone number when it's needed.

4. Calls To Action

Prominent calls to action engage visitors and naturally lead them to that next step.

Try using a Get a Quote or Contact Us button. Buttons can also break up a full page of text, which is a good design principle.

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5. Engage Visitors

Attract visitors' eyes with movement like a slideshow or rollover graphics.

These design elements make your website more fun and interesting to interact with. Plus, these details are a great way to showcase your services and set the tone for your agency.

6. Content

Fill your insurance agency website with useful information.

Helpful content encourages visitors to stay longer. Keep content fresh since outdated content can convey the wrong message.

Fresh, original content is also good for SEO. Search engines like to see you are adding new content on your website.

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7. Resources

Give visitors a reason to come back to your website by offering informational resources. Some examples are calculators, a news center, free reports, or an insurance glossary. Promote these resources on your home page.

Have questions about keeping visitors on your insurance agency website? We can help.

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