Top 5 Keys to a Successful Infographic

February 13, 2017

infographic textAn infographic is a great way to position your insurance agency website as a thought leader. Infographics are fun, visually interesting ways to present data about your agency. They can communicate statistics in a colorful and engaging way. Infographics are also easy to share on social networks and blogs.

You may wonder how to even get started. It can be tough to strike the right balance between fun and informative. Below, I've listed the top five keys to your next successful infographic.

Keep the Target Audience in Mind

There's one major mistake made by first-timers. They try to create something that could be popular with a broad audience. They don't create an infographic that's relevant to any particular group.

Knowing your audience allows you to dial in and fine-tune any selling points you wish to make. Infographics that gain traction usually meet the specific needs of your target audience. Once they gain traction, they can even go viral online.

Keep it Simple

Infographics can simplify advanced ideas into something easy to understand. That is, until you try to overcomplicate them with too much information.

Try to keep your infographic as concise as possible. Remove irrelevant design elements and information. When in doubt, take it out.

Keep it Focused

Focusing on a single topic. An infographic might seem like a hodgepodge of facts. But, the real secret to success is keeping your data points focused.

Pick a topic and stick with it throughout. Make sure all your statistics and imagery correlate with your topic.

Keep it Visual

You don't want to go into graphic overload. But, you don't want to present dry information without any imagery to back it up. The best infographics have a good ratio of visual information to written information.

Take it one step further. Visually represent written information. Play with fonts, colors, positioning of elements, and white space. You could design written information in a way that's more visual by nature.

Keep it Manageable

You can hit all the above marks but still make the infographic itself too large. Here's why this is a problem.

Infographics need to be big to be readable. But, if they are too big, you risk losing the attention of your audience. You cannot rely on the reader's attention span.

If the infographic is too big, they may lose interest. Also, big infographics take longer to load. Your goal is to capture the reader's attention at once. Then, keep them invested within the first seconds of them viewing your infographic.

For successful infographic, keep it simple, focused, visual, and manageable with your target audience in mind. Make sure you keep these tips in mind when it comes to creating your next infographic.

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