Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions During An Insurance Agency Website Consultation

September 16, 2015



During my website consultations with agents, I get a lot of questions. And from my experience, every question is a good question when designing your insurance agency website. You are curious and want to know the best ways to promote your insurance agency online and make the most of your website. So today I'm answering a few.

Below I've compiled a list of the top five most frequently asked questions I get during website consultations.

Should I list all of my office locations?

Yes. You should list all of your agency locations on your website's location and contact pages. However, I advise you don't list them all on the bottom of your website's homepage because it can confuse Google. Instead, only list the main office location on your homepage.

Is a toll-free number still necessary?

Yes and no. If your clients tend to be an older demographic, I would encourage keeping a toll-free number if you already have one. But with the rise of cell phones, unlimited call packages, and a decline in at-home landlines, toll-free numbers are not a necessity anymore.

Having a local number instead of a toll-free number lets your potential clients know they're talking to someone nearby who understands their needs better than someone several states away.

Should I show my carriers on my agency website?

This is a personal preference. Some independent agents have reasonable concerns about listing their companies. But, I do recommend listing the carriers to help give your website a branding boost. If you work with prominent insurance companies that your clients will recognize, it can help with your credibility.

Which lines of business will be the most effective to show more prominently?

The lines of business you give more prominence depends heavily on what lines of business you offer. If you focus primarily on personal lines, auto and home are the most common types of insurance clients will be searching for and should take center stage.

I encourage agents to think of the top 4-6 lines they would consider their primary lines. This can be lines of business they write the most or maybe ones they want to get more business in.

Is blogging really that useful when it comes to my website's search engine ranking?

Having a blog on your insurance agency website is a giant help when it comes to improving how your website rankings in the search engines. Google in particular has been consistent in favoring websites that produce original content on a regular basis. So we advise blogging when you can.

As insurance agents, you know what's happening in the industry and in your local area. A blog can be an easy way to get that information to your clients. It is not mandatory to post every day or every week, but getting into the habit or regularly blogging is a good investment in your website's visibility.

And there you have it! The top five questions I get during an insurance website consultation.

Do you have any other agency website questions? Leave them in the comments below.

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