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December 28, 2015 Becky Schroeder

Top 10 Agency Marketing Blogs of 2015


We produce a lot of content on this blog. At least two new posts a week. It can be hard to keep up when you're busy. Below I present the top 10 ITC most popular marketing blogs of 2015.

How did we determine which posts were most popular?

It began with page views. We looked at our Google Analytics at the blog posts that had the most page views.

Inevitably, the posts that we published in the first half of the year dominated this metric. They've been around longer and therefore had greater opportunity to rack up those page views. So we weighted the posts in the later months to even the playing field.

But did a high number of page views equal popularity? It certainly told us which headlines were good at getting clicks. But, it didn't tell us much about engagement. What blog posts were people reading?

For that we looked at time spent on page. Bingo! Looking at these two metrics combined, we felt we had a good list of our most popular marketing content. By analyzing what was clicked on and what was actually read, we narrowed our list down to the posts you considered most worthy of your attention this year.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to more agency marketing conversations in 2016.

10. How Your Insurance Website May Scare Away Your Potential Clients
by Amanda Oldham

You only have a brief window to capture a potential client's interest with your insurance agency website. If you've noticed that your website visitors are starting to hit the web browser back button more often, here are a few possible reasons why.

9. Blogging is the Life Blood of Online Marketing
by Darmini Kara and John Dessommes

There are many reasons to blog on your insurance agency website. Writing unique, relevant and quality blog posts help search engines find your agency. Blogging is the life blood of online marketing. It definitely doesn't bog you down because your agency needs it.

8. Back Away from the Purchased Email Lists
by Tim Glaze

A purchased email list can cause a lot of damage to your email marketing efforts. The negative effects are usually only realized when it's too late. Using a purchased list can cause domain damage and leave your emails labeled as spam. Here are three big reasons why buying an email list is a bad idea.

7. 7 Steps to Optimizing Images for SEO
by Darmini Kara

Adding images to your insurance agency website pages whenever possible is a must. They add flair and interest. And when optimized correct, they can even help increase your website traffic. Use these seven steps to optimize your images for SEO.

6. Why Your Insurance Agency Needs Millennial Marketing
by Dylan Brooks

The move towards millennial marketing has been and is occurring. This shift is great news for independent insurance agents. It eases the challenge of pitching products and services with variable rates in a price-driven market. That's why you need to stay ahead of the millennial marketing curve to grow your agency.

5. SEO Terms You Need to Know for Your Insurance Website
by Stephanie Ewen

SEO jargon leaving you scratching your head? Here are some of the most common SEO terms. The more you know, the better you can be at SEO.

4. You've Only Got Seconds to Keep Insurance Website Visitors
by Amanda Oldham

The first impression of your insurance agency website is important. You have a limited window to grab someone's attention or scare him away forever. Here are three tips to ensure your website makes the best use of those 15 seconds.

3. 3 Easy SEO Tasks You Can Do Right Now to Increase Traffic
by Stephanie Ewen

You have a business to run and clients to take care of. Don't be overwhelmed by SEO. You can do these three quick and SEO items today. Plus, they can boost your insurance agency website traffic.

2. How to Create an Email Newsletter That Doesn't Suck
by Heather Galloway

Email newsletters are a great way to stay in front of your clients while building brand loyalty. It's an important part of your agency marketing plan. There are a lot of emails, and it's easy to get lost in the inbox. These are the key components you need to know to create a great email newsletter.

1. How the Shakeup of Google+ Affects Your Insurance Agency Website
by Dylan Brooks

Google redesigned its social networking website. Some of these updates gutted many local search capabilities associated with Google+. While these changes are inconvenient, they don't have to spell doom for your agency marketing efforts.

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