Tips on How to Deal with Unhappy Facebook Fans

February 8, 2012

Every business can receive a bad comment on Facebook, even the best of the best need to know how to handle this type of situation to keep the good reputation of the brand. Some customers will have a simple complaint and some can be really offensive, but we have 4 tips on how to deal with unhappy Facebook Fans:

1. Respond to the complaint
It is very important that you respond to the complaint no matter what. Not responding to what the upset fan posted on your wall may create more anger and will increase the chance of getting more complaints from this fan in the future. Additionally, although this complaint may be from only one fan, if other fans see that you don't reply to complaints it may appears as if you don't pay attention to customers and don't offer any customer support, which in turn harms the reputation of your brand. Do not try to delete the negative comment. Not everybody is going to have a good review of your product or service and if customers see only positive comments, they may think that you are deleting the bad ones.

2. Try to be understanding
Dealing with an upset fan is not always easy, but try to put yourself in your customer's shoes. Don't try to find who is at fault, apologize and find a solution.

3. Contact the customer directly
Trying to contact the customer directly can be more effective than just a reply to the wall post. Apologize, try to find a solution and be personable. If you decide to make a solution publicly, some other customers could try to create a problem to just get the special treatment so beware of your response. Consider asking the customer to remove the wall post. If you don't feel comfortable asking this, or the customer doesn't want to remove it even though the issue was resolved, try to express happiness in the resolution and thank them for their business directly on the post.

4. Last option
If the fan doesn't respond after you have tried to contact them and it is evident that they are trying to just start arguments on your community wall, as a last resort you can always ban the user. Other fans in your community, along with your staff do not deserve the abuse and they always expect respect.

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