Tips on Creating Effective Landing Pages to Get Leads Online

February 24, 2014


A landing page is an effective tool for converting traffic into leads. It's a webpage designed with the specific purpose of capturing a visitor's information. It could be a contact form, quote form, claim form or a form to download a free report. Whatever the reason, a landing page must be completely focused on its purpose and optimized to get you the best conversion rate. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating an effective landing page.


An ad or an email is used to drive traffic to a landing page. If you use your home page in your marketing instead of a landing page, your visitors will have to search for the information you mentioned in your ad or email. This will drive down your conversion rate. You need to give them exactly what they want if you want to get the most conversions. The easier you can make it, the better it is for the potential client and you. A landing page will do that. It will send your potential clients directly to the information they're looking for.

Simple Design

Less is most effective when designing landing pages. They have a single purpose, and every component of the page should contribute to that purpose in a simple, non-frustrating way. That means you don't need to include any extraneous links, copy or unnecessarily long forms. If a visitor has to spend a lot of time inputting their information, it will either annoy him or make her hesitant to continue. Either way, that is not going to help you with your goal. All you need is relevant, influential content with a prominent call-to-action. You don't want to include anything extra that could distract your visitors from completing the desired action.

You can include current customer testimonials on your landing pages to build trust in your agency. You can also include a video describing what you offer, which may be more beneficial in engaging the visitor than copy alone. Basically, keep it simple and compelling as you design your landing pages.

Landing Page Testing

To maximize your conversion rate, you will need to test your landing pages to find the best combination of elements. If you test and keep track of the data, you can change your landing pages so they perform at their best for you. There are tools available for you to test your landing pages to find the most effective ones. Unbounce and Optimizely are two popular landing page A/B testing tools. You can also design and implement your own landing pages for testing, but using a tool might make it easier. Below are some elements you could test.

  • Button size. Do large or small buttons appeal to your visitors? Try different sizes until you find that one your audience is most responsive to.
  • Call to action. This is usually the text on the button. Instead of the button simply stating Quote or Contact Us, you can test more creative calls to action to see what gets you more responses.
  • Copy. Since it is a landing page, shorter is usually better. There may be times when more information on a product or service is necessary though. Try long and short copy to see which your visitors find more helpful.
  • Color. Test different colors for your background and buttons.
  • Headline. This is one area where you don't want to keep it too simple. Use the headline as a way to make you stand out from your competitors. It's one of the first things visitors see, so make sure you get your message across in a creative and inviting way.
  • Photos. Landing pages with photos tend to perform better in general. Make sure you choose photos that are relevant to the product or service you're promoting. Try different ones, and test the arrangement of them.
  • Forms. This is ultimately what you want visitors to complete. If you have a form on your landing page, it's better to keep it short. However, there may be times you need to collect more data. In that case, test different ways of asking for the information so you can get all you need while keeping it short for your visitors.

Landing pages can be highly useful for your agency's lead generation goals, if designed with the right elements in mind. Use these tips to make your landing pages effective and max out your conversion rate. Got another tip on landing pages? Leave a comment below.


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