This is the Way: Don Hobdy Jr.

November 24, 2015 Becky Schroeder

This is the Way I Work: Don Hobdy Jr.
When ITC enters a new state market with our comparative rating system, it takes work to get agents and carriers to know ITC and our commitment to helping our customers succeed. It is a challenge, and challenges like increasing brand awareness are what Don Hobdy Jr. loves about his job.

Whether in the entertainment industry, as an independent insurance agent or now as ITC's vice president of sales, Don Hobdy Jr. thrives in the development of ideas and solutions for various challenges. This love of challenges is what drew him to ITC.

Before as an agent, Don was helping one agency succeed. Now he gets to help many agencies succeed. I spoke with Don about how he manages the challenges he faces every day. This is the way Don works.


One word that describes how you like to work: Consistency

Current mobile device: LG G4

Current computer: Lenovo Yoga (work) MacBook (personal)

Project(s) you're currently working on: I'm currently consulting multiple organizations to adjust workflows for their customer facing employees.

Accomplishments you're proud of: Increasing ITC's brand recognition (One member of my sales team has hit goal every month but one so far this year)

What are your goals for the next 12 months: Increase ITC's brand recognition

Aside from your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without and why?


What technology, apps or tools can't you live without?

One Note

Describe your workspace.


How do you manage your to-do list?

I use One Note

What do you do when you finish a project?

Continue on to the next one currently in motion

What's your best time-saving tip or hack?

Take time to prepare

What is your best everyday habit?

I take 30 minutes every day to focus on what I'm trying to accomplish for the day, this means no calls and no emails

What do you listen to while working?

Usually nothing, I'm on the phone or listening to a call

What are you currently reading?

Dirty Little Secrets by Sharon Drew Morgen and Customers for Life by Carl Sewel

How do you decompress?

See corkscrew

Don with his family

What's your sleep routine like?

In by 12 out by 5

Who are your business idols and why?

I don't have any idols per se, but there are people I respect and others I admire. Warren Buffett- Humble, intelligent, & consistent. He examined the people and not just the numbers. Dr. Donald O. Clifton, the father of strength-based psychology.

What is the best advice you've ever received?

Accept responsibility for every error and share credit for every success.

What would you be doing if you weren't vice president of sales at ITC?

Running a large insurance agency or working in the film or television industry.

Who would you like to see in a future How I Work post?

George Robertson. Andy Jordan from Gainsco.

The This is the Way blog series asks ITC employees, agents, carriers and other people in the industry how they work and to share their tips. Is there someone you want to see featured or questions we should ask? Tweet us or leave it in the comments below.

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