Think Local - Go Global 2.0

June 1, 2012 Laird Rixford

When it comes to having an Internet presence companies often focus on the global aspects of their website. They want to be on the first page of Google. They want to see their hits go through the stratosphere. They look for the millions of visitors that they will receive from across their state or even the nation. However, when these goals fail to realize, they believe their Internet marketing efforts have been a failure.

Internet marketing campaigns should start small and grow as your results improve. Initially, focus the marketing of your company and website to your local neighborhood. Once you have developed traction, expand your efforts to your community. As you build your presence and hits, develop your efforts to include your city, state, and even country.

By catering your message to a particular market area, you will increase the effectiveness of your website's true goal, to sell your products. Follow these examples to think locally as you grow globally.

Local Search
The major search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo! all provide a service that displays local 'yellow page' advertisements at the top of search results. These targeted results are displayed when the searcher localizes their search request. For example, the user searches for 'auto insurance in irving tx' ; the search engine will include the local ads at the beginning of the result set. There is no charge to sign up for these services. In addition you can use reviews to further you exposure on these local listings.

Community Events
When your local community has an upcoming event post it to your website as a blog or calendar entry. A perfect example of this is a local parade or fireworks show. People will often search the Internet for detailed information regarding the event such as location, time, and specific events. If you offer the same information as a resource on your website, ancillary traffic will drive itself to your site. If you plan to be in attendance, give in-depth coverage of your offering such as booth or pictures of your parade vehicle.

Local Sports
Be a resource for your favorite sports teams. Display upcoming schedules for the local high school football team. Offer visitors past scores and player profiles from your daughter's softball team. By continually updating your website content, you will give customers (and the search engines) reason to come back often.

Does your business sponsor a local organization? Are you helping support your son's soccer team? Provide a 'free' page on your website for the group. Detail upcoming fundraising events and success stories. When people search for the information on the organization, your results could also appear right along with them.

Special Offers
Do you have a booth at the local fair? Are you giving away a flat screen TV? If so, tell the world about it. Release a press release. Create a secondary site that exclusively advertises the giveaway. Develop a catchy web address that people will easily remember. Advertise your company heavily.

Local Web Address
Purchase multiple domain names. Cater each one to a target community. For example, purchase and point the domain name The search engines will readily display your results when the search term matches your company's address. Most website vendors allow you to have multiple domain names pointed to a single site.

As you develop your website's traffic, you can start to expand your target market. As more visitors pay a visit to your site, the search engines will begin to see you as a resource on the Internet. Over time, your presence will grow to the global market.

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