Think Fast! 10 Quick Content Ideas for April

March 29, 2017

10 Content Ideas for March graphicBusy week? Won’t get that newsletter or blog post out on time? Did March zoom on by? We have you covered.
Try some of these content ideas in your insurance agency newsletter or blog. Don’t forget to promote both on your social media channels for an extra boost of traffic.

1. Lawn and Garden Month

April is lawn and garden month. There are a few ways you can write about this topic. A fun one would be to feature your employee or even customer’s manicured lawns. Or, post a lawn care tip each week on social media.

2. Local Flavor

What does your town or community have that you can’t find anywhere else? Make a shareable local flavor guide about your town, and watch it go viral. Highlight local businesses, festivals, or even folklore. You can even ask your readers on social media for their favorites.

3. House Sitting

People are more likely to leave their homes unoccupied as vacation season nears. What are the top tips you’d give to someone who is looking after a neighbor’s home? Here’s an easy one to get you started: Don’t forget the alarm system code!

4. The Big Storm

It seems every community has them: Big, destructive storms everyone remembers. Write a blog post about the most unforgettable weather events in your town’s history. Many of your readers may have their own stories to share in the comment section, too.

5. Easter - April 16th

There’s a lot of great information you can provide about Easter weekend. Will your agency have special hours? Are there any local events resulting in road closures? What about schools – do they have the day off? April’s most popular holiday is a treasure trove of content ideas.

6. First-Time Landlords

Often, people will rent out their vacation home when they’re not occupying it. If your customers are insuring a vacation home, they may be first-time landlords. It’d be a good idea to have a guide for customers who may not know which situations their insurance will cover.

8. Patriot’s Day – April 17th

This is a popular holiday in New England. If your agency is located in that part of the US, you may even have the day off. If so, let your customers know. This holiday commemorates Paul Revere’s ride in which he warned, “The British are coming!”

7. Administrative Assistant’s Week - 4th Week of April

Does your insurance agency have an administrative assistant? Show your appreciation during Administrative Assistant’s Week, the fourth week of April. Take them out to lunch, or have everyone sign a card thanking them for their contributions. However you decide to celebrate, be sure to capture the action and post on social media.

9. Tips for New Drivers

Everyone knows experience makes a good driver. That’s not very helpful for the new drivers out on the road. In the meantime, what are some practical tips for new drivers? You also might write a version for the nervous parents out there sitting in the passenger seat.

10. Prep Your Home for Selling

It’s common to spruce up a home before putting it on the market. Talk about some simple steps sellers can take to freshen up their house. This could make a great guest blog post by a local real estate agent. In turn, why not write a guest blog post for their website?

A lot of these are evergreen content ideas can be used any time of year. So, if you don’t get to them this week, you can still try again later. As always, check back next month for more insurance content ideas.

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