They Aren’t Just Buttons: Driving Engagement on Your Insurance Website

August 5, 2019 Jayci Morrison

the importance of buttons

You’ve seen Click Here. You’ve seen Get a Quote Now. Even the urgent Call us Now!

Those buttons on your insurance website aren’t just buttons. They have a special name. They're calls to action, or CTAs for short. And they are the gatekeepers to your conversion rate. They’ve also been a hot topic in our department lately.

A CTA is a very important part of any website. But even more important when the user can't complete the sale on their own. This is the case in insurance.

But what if I told you that CTAs were so much more than the words you use? Here's four ways to make the actionable buttons stand out even more.


1. Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Humans are creatures of habit.

For example, when was the last time you used a floppy disc? Yet, everyone knows that the little floppy disc icon means Save. So, don't try a brand-new concept for your call to action.


freedom insurance screenshot


Keep your CTAs recognizable and stay consistent with the design. CTAs are usually a rectangle or square. Sometimes they have rounded edges. They all have text and links leading you somewhere.

Simply, they are buttons. Make them buttons.


2. Quantity is Key

When I was starting my design career in the online realm, I read a very good simile. Your homepage is a corridor, not a porch. There should be more than one door, but no more than necessary.

pacific coast insurance

This can be a confusing concept, but said it the best. Do not create a self-defeating CTA presenting too many options at one. Then it will compete with other elements on the page. Some of which may not even be CTAs.

The appearance of too much choice can dilute a website visitor’s decision power. Think to yourself, What is the most important thing I want a visitor to do on my insurance website? Then streamline the elements on your homepage to bring attention to those options.


3. Size is a Factor

For something to draw attention on a website, it needs to have more of an impact than the other items. This is where size comes in. Larger CTAs take up more space, which draws the eye toward them.

shanks insurance

You shouldn't make a CTA too large. There is such a thing. It looks spammy and a bit silly to have very large buttons. There is a happy medium!

4. Color

I feel like I'm repeating this word way too much in my blog posts, but it's the truth. Color is important. Color tells a story.

spectrum insurance screenshot

If your website is predominantly blue, do not also choose a blue for your CTAs. Use a complimentary but contrasting color. For blue, a great example would be orange or yellow. Your CTA are meant to stand out, so make sure it does!


As number one says, having CTAs is not new. So, go look at other websites, see what colors and sizes they use and how many actionable items they have.


About the Author

Jayci Morrison

Jayci Morrison is a design and media specialist on ITC's Insurance Website Builder team. She's responsible for giving each website its distinctive look and then bringing that look to life. She also has a hand in creating AgencyBuzz email templates, ITC marketing collateral, and any other design needs the team has. When she's not staring at a computer screen, she can be found anywhere outdoors with her husband and their two dogs.

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