The What, Why and How of Repurposing Your Content

November 14, 2016

touchscreenYou're looking for the most efficient way to attract traffic and generate leads. You may have heard a content strategy can help get leads to your insurance agency website. But, it can be difficult and time consuming to create the content necessary for such a strategy.

What if I told you there was an efficient way to reach more people with the less effort? And, all you have to do is use the content you've already created?

It's easy. Repurpose your agency's content.

What is repurposing content?

'You don't have to create content day in and day out,' said Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. 'You just have to work on getting the content you already have in the hands of more people.'

Think of repurposing content like Thanksgiving leftovers. You take yesterday's roasted turkey and use it for homemade stock. Or, throw it in the compost bin for your garden.

It's still yesterday's turkey, or last month's blog post. But now you are repurposing it for a new dish, or a new audience. It's serving a new purpose but with minimal effort from you.

Why repurpose content?

The most compelling reason to repurpose your content is to reach a new audience.

Often, your original piece of content may only reach a small group of readers. Repurposing content for different media can touch more people.

For example, some folks prefer watching a short video over reading a long blog post.

It's all about reaching prospects with the same message in a different medium. Extend your reach by repurposing your content to appeal to more people.

Plus, repurposing content can help you become a subject matter expert. By using different media for the same content, you increase the chances a reputable website picks it up. If it does, that helps establish your expert status.

And really, it'd be a shame to just let great content sit idly by.

Here's how to repurpose content.

You can't repurpose content if you don't have anything to repurpose in the first place!

So, step zero would be actually producing content. Need a jumping off point? Here are more than 100 content ideas.
Next, dig into your Google Analytics reports. Here's an easy how-to. Find your best performing content piece. Put that old favorite front and center.

If you don't use Google Analytics on your website, try picking content that is evergreen. Evergreen content translates well across different mediums.

Now you'll want to decide how to best repurpose it. Think of all the content channels you have.

Your website, your blog, newsletters, social media, and more. You can do video, a Slideshare or turn several blogs into an ebook. Each medium has its own style and audience. Who do you want to reach and how?

For example, take highlights from a long blog post. Something like how homeowners can increase their home value. Use them in an engaging infographic. Or, like I mentioned earlier, record a short video containing the most pertinent information.

You can also take short-form content and expand upon your point. Take a series of short answers in an FAQ, and delve deeper in an online webinar series.

The possibilities are great.

Get the most out of your content by spreading it to more people via different media. Let your star content do most of the work.

Then, sit back and reap the traffic.

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