The Secret to What Clients Want From Your Insurance Agency Website

March 26, 2014

Websites exist to provide answers to and interact with their target audience. Insurance websites need to charm potential clients while providing service and being helpful to current clients at the same time. In order to accomplish both objectives, you need to know what prospects and clients want from your insurance agency website.

I'll let you in on the secret. Consumers want four things from your website. Here's how you can provide each of these things on your agency website.

They Want to Request Quotes
The main reason potential clients visit insurance websites is to request a quote. They may be first- time policy buyers or shopping around to see if someone can beat their current policy. If a visitor to your website does not see a place where he or she can get a quote, you will lose the visitor and potential sale to a competitor.

Take advantage of your home page to add effective calls to actions. A well- placed Get a Quote button or even a short lead-capture form on a home page will make it easy for your visitors to get started. Once they have filled out a form, they will feel more accomplished and be more likely to fully convert from prospect to long term clients.

They Want to Contact You
A potential client may be shopping around for an agent they can talk to. Insurance has many technical parts and can often be confusing. Make it easy for your website visitors to find your phone number, and your calls will increase.

Contact information is also helpful for your current clients. If your phone number and office address are clearly visible, it is easier for your current clients to call you about combining policies, making payments, or renewing their policies with you. An open channel of communication is one of the most important parts of client retention and will make your agency look very personable.

They Want to Get Information
An inexperienced insurance shopper is hit with a lot of terms and concepts that he or she may not be familiar with when looking for coverage. This makes prospective clients more wary of buying insurance because they do not fully understand it and may worry that they're not getting a fair deal.

Prove yourself as the expert in your field. As an agent, you are knowledgeable about the insurance industry and can educate prospects on what they need to know. Post to your blog and give specific, helpful information throughout your website to make a visitor feel more comfortable about buying a new policy.

They Want to Make Payments and File Claims
If you want to help your retention efforts, make it easy for your current client to make payments and file claims by providing this information on your agency website. Providing the option for your clients to pay their bills online directly from your website will make your website more useful and help your clients keep their policies current.

Filing a claim is a stressful situation. Finding information on how to file a claim should not be. The easier you make the claims process, the quicker you will de-stress a chaotic situation and leave a favorable impression of your agency.

If your website meets your clients' expectations, the happier they will be and likelier to not look elsewhere for a better policy. And if your website is informative and makes quoting easy, your website visitors will be more willing to become current clients.

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