The Secret Importance of High-Quality Images

October 10, 2016

Girl at computerWhen designing your insurance agency website, you make lots of decisions.

What layout makes the most sense for my agency and clients? What color scheme is the best fit? How many calls to action should be on the home page?

Often, images are an afterthought. But, they shouldn't be.

Website images serve a greater purpose than to look pretty. Here are a few things you may not know about the images on your insurance agency website.

Boost Your SEO

Once upon a time, images offered little to no value to search engine optimization (SEO). But, the role of high-quality images on your website in SEO has changed.

Now, there is a connection between images and organic rankings. That means using relevant, high-quality images can increase your online visibility. How? Optimize your images for SEO.

For example, you always want to use alt tags and image title tags to describe your image. Alt tags are read by search engine bots and are yet another way to help your website rank at the top.

Stay Relevant

Image quality doesn't only mean high resolution but also relevance. How relevant is your imagery to the content on your website?

Do a quick check to see if the images on your insurance website actually fit. For example, do you have images of cars on open roads if your insurance agency offers auto coverage?

This might seem simple enough. It's almost common sense. But, I've seen insurance websites with images based on personal preference instead of relevancy.

Boost Engagement

Choosing the right visual elements is critical to the continuity of your website. The images on your home page or landing page are a visitor's first introduction to your agency online.

We are visual creatures, especially online. Relevant images encourage visitors to click through your website, wanting to learn more.

High quality images increase the amount of time users spend browsing your insurance website. This in turn lowers your bounce rate and boost engagement.

What if I Don't Have High Quality Images?

Of course, we always want to choose the best-looking and most engaging images. But, if you don't have access a high-end camera, there are other routes you can take.

Pay a professional photographer to take the specific shots you need. We usually see this for marketing work.

Subscribe to a stock imagery website such as GettyImages, Thinkstock, or iStock. It's easy to pay for legal, high quality images that way.

Use a temporary placeholder image until you can choose a better one. A bad image is better than no image. If needed, use your phone.

Images shouldn't be an afterthought for your insurance agency website.

The better your images, the more your customers enjoy being on your website. Then, the more potential leads you can get.

Now get out there and make your website great again!

Got a question about what to look for in high-quality images? Leave it in the comments below.

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