The Right Words in the Right Place

March 12, 2012 John Dessommes

Perfect SEO

2theTop Web Design

You should pay special attention to certain elements on your website. Strategic wording should be used for areas such as:
  • Meta Description
  • Page File Name
  • Page Title
  • Page Headline
  • Inside Body Content
  • Bold & Italicized Text
  • Image File Names
  • Image Alt Text / Attribute
  • Video File Name
When people fail to implement these features correctly, their rankings suffer and in turn traffic drops.


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John Dessommes

John Dessommes manages search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising campaigns for multiple independent insurance agencies nationwide. He also handles SEO for and ITC’s other web properties. John stays on the cutting edge of industry best practices to ensure that visibility is maximized and opportunities are not missed. He has considerable knowledge about on- and off-site optimization, AdWords, business listings and social media.

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