The Magic Number

September 24, 2012

I'm asked all the time 'How often should I send marketing emails to my subscribers?' The answer to this question, however, really depends on your agency's specialty as well as your sales personality. Does your shop cater to commercial lines customers or are you a local shop who writes mainly personal lines? Do you generally use an aggressive sales technique or are you more laid back with your approach to sales? This equation is really three fold: specialty + personality + empathy = frequency.

Let's start with specialties: Business to business (B2B) communications tend to be more formal and less frequent; where business to consumer communications (B2C) can be less formal and more frequent because of the nature of the audience and not necessarily the size or your agency or book of business. Now, if you're an agency who writes both commercial and personal lines you should be segmenting your lists and tailoring your communications to fit your audience's needs. Separate your commercial lines customers and prospects from your personal lines contacts and I can guarantee you will see more engagement from both groups because your message will better match your audience.

Then we add a dash of personality: If you were the consumer, would you say you're more aggressive or passive when courting a new prospect? If you're more aggressive, you may opt to send more marketing pieces over a shorter period of time; and those who employ a more passive sales approach would send an email maybe only once a month: both are correct. There is no science that says one technique is better than the other - they both produce results based on the customer and your confidence in your sales technique.

Now the old adage, 'too much of a good thing is still too much': When putting together an email marketing campaign it can be hard to remember that you're not the only person marketing to your readership. Take a look at your inbox - how many marketing emails have you gotten today? Placing yourself in the reader's place is the final peace you need in order to properly gauge how often and how aggressive you should be with your emails no matter who your audience is or what your sales personality projects.

Hitting the target frequency for your agency may take some time and a little trial and error. But if you continue to monitor your event stats and use them to perfect your campaigns, so enough you'll find the magic number.

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