The Future of Email Marketing: Part 3

March 13, 2015

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In Part 1 of our three-part series on The Future of Email Marketing we discussed four trends that will change email marketing. In Part 2, we talked about six factors that can affect your agency's email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most versatile marketing channels available. As it continues to evolve with technology, so does your agency and the way you use it.

For the final part of this series, here are four ways email marketing will change in the future and how you can make the most of it for your agency marketing plan.

Mobile Marketing Will Continue to Grow
Mobile is at the top of every trend list and not just for email marketing. I predict mobile-friendly design will become the norm, rather than the exception. Furthermore, email service providers like Yahoo and AOL who are not yet offering mobile design support will scramble to catch up.

In the coming years, more agencies will look at mobile advancements. Mobile will have a wider adoption in the industry. Also, innovation will no longer begin and end based on the iPhone. Mobile marketers will have to pay more attention to Android and Microsoft devices.

Consumers Will Choose Their Own Targeting
Another trend to watch for is the growing appeal of the shop local movement. It's predicted that growth in new subscriptions and engagement for larger captives will slow. Consumers will then turn to more intimate relationships with local independent agencies.

More Multi-Channel Marketing
Multi-channel marketing means you will have a choice in how you deliver messages. It can be by email, text or social media. Additionally, real-time triggered messages will become the norm, which is exactly what we want to see. A triggered message is when someone takes an action on your website and triggers your email marketing system. For example, a prospect requests a quote on your insurance website. Your email marketing system then would automatically send her an email follow up.

Email marketing will also rely on multi-platform communication products from third parties like AgencyBuzz. These products allow you to send the same message across many channels all at once from one console.

Evolution in Email Reporting
Email reporting is well known for being static and flat. In the future, email reporting will evolve into deeper analytics and better trend identification. Because of this, predictive analytics will become bigger. With predictive analytics you can create content based on the past behaviors of your list. Much like predictive sending does within AgencyBuzz.

Now that you know how email marketing will change, it's important that you look at how your agency does email marketing. When creating your email marketing strategy, don't forget these rules:

  • Make mobile a priority
  • Use automation to create email drip campaigns that nurture both prospects and clients
  • Combine content marketing with strong lead generation techniques
  • Personalize and customize content
  • Integrate your insurance agency website and online comparative rater with email marketing efforts
  • Install an email optimization process within your agency

You don't have to have a large budget to make use of data and other resources. ITC has several resources available to you. This blog is a great one. Check it often as we have new marketing content each week. Some other great resources available to you are our free marketing webinar and white papers. Use these resources to stay on top of agency marketing trends.

Got a question about these trends or email marketing? Leave a comment below.


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