The End of Flash: Why You Should Upgrade Now

March 2, 2016

Finger frame of sunset2015 was a tough year for Adobe Flash.

Adobe identified and patched several critical vulnerabilities. Web browsers took steps to limit Flash's capabilities on websites. Firefox and Chrome even blocked Flash for a time.

We've known for a while that the end of Flash was inevitable. Now, it is even clearer that Flash's end is near.

In December, Adobe released plans to rename Adobe Flash Professional to Adobe Animate CC. The renaming is an attempt to distance itself from the unpopular reputation Flash has earned.

The company explained that more than a third of the program uses HTML5 instead of the original Flash format. HTML5 has become a leading standard for animation on the web. Flash users can still create Flash content in Adobe Animate CC. Plus, now more HTML5 options are available.

These modifications further show the end of Flash and the rise of HTML5 as the popular choice for animations on the web.

Flash's unpopularity has increased with web developers and users. We've even opted to remove it from our newer Insurance Website Builder website templates. We've told our users about Flash's decline and how upgrading their insurance website design is a great move.

If you have an older Insurance Website Builder website, there is good news. Insurance Website Builder websites have always been created to be compatible across all browsers.

Plus, none of our websites were ever built entirely out of Flash. This means that you don't necessarily have to upgrade your entire website if there is Flash on it. It is easy and inexpensive to update only the parts that contain Flash.

There is still time left before Flash completely ends. Experts say that the true end of Flash will occur in about two years. But I don't recommend waiting. Consider upgrading your website now if it still contains Flash.

If you've had the same insurance website design for a while, take a look at our screenshot gallery. We continually add new websites that use the latest trends and technologies.

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