The Consumer Decision Journey

February 28, 2012

The simple, most important goal of marketing to your insurance customers is to reach them at the moments that most influence their buying decisions. Insurance customers shop much differently today than they did ten years, five years, even two years ago. In fact the consumer decision journey is an ever-changing process. It has morphed into a multidimensional process where the customer receives information from multiple sources. Are you using the power of email to reach customers and prospects at the times the customer is making a buying decision? The Internet opens up a whole new avenue of communication to you, and the power of email is almost limitless.

The process of buying insurance that the consumer goes through is no longer the 'funnel technique', where many agencies send information and offers of quotes to customers and then let them 'funnel' out the agencies they want to work with. The process has evolved into an inbound process where the customer is researching agencies online, reading marketing material sent to them by insurance agents via email, listening to recommendations of friends and family, reading customer reviews on websites, forums, and social media pages, etc. Once the customer has started their research they need to be able to find you, at the exact moment they are shopping. Your agency, now more than ever, needs to have top of mind or top of search engine presence.

This is not to say that the tried and true traditional marketing techniques no longer work, they do. Now it is also very important to integrate your traditional marketing techniques with Internet and email marketing. These marketing techniques will help you build your online presence. They are what will drive customers to your website to learn about your agency, get an online quote, and fill out forms allowing you to capture their contact information.

It can be difficult to give all the time necessary to develop and implement an effective Internet marketing campaign. Internet marketing is a sales tool that can work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There is a technique to Internet marketing, from email campaigns to websites and search engine optimization. Learning and mastering this technique will help you grow your business and build ongoing, meaningful relationships with your clients. The happier your clients are the more likely they are to refer other prospects to your agency. These prospects can be turned into customers easily if you market it to them at the right times through email and personal attention. Don't miss the email and Internet marketing revolution. Start learning the techniques now or contact an expert who will be more than happy to show you the ropes, or perhaps manage it all for you.

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