The Best Blog Post Formats for Your Insurance Agency Website

January 18, 2016


Chances are if you blog for your agency you have a favorite blog format. You may live for a list post. Or maybe you can't resist writing how-to posts.

Either way, everyone who blogs has their signature blog format they love to use. However, to keep your readers interested and coming back for more, you need to vary your blog formats.

Which blog format should you reach for if not for your favorite?

I've compiled a list of easy blog formats that work great for insurance agency websites. Instead of reaching for your favorite format next time you write, try one of these.

The News Post
In insurance, there's never a shortage of news. You often hear about the news and changes before your clients. When this happens, it's a good idea to leverage the news into a blog post. This will help establish you as an expert.

Tip: For a news post, it's important you write it in a timely manner. Otherwise, this type of blog post loses its appeal. Keep your eyes peeled for relevant breaking news alerts from popular industry publications.

Example: How Google's Local Search Display Changes Impact Your Insurance Website Marketing Strategy

The FAQ Post
For an insurance agency, the FAQ blog post is a win-win. You can answer questions you may receive often while increasing your SEO efforts.

Tip: Brainstorm a list of questions you've received from your clients. You can even probe the brains of your colleagues to see if they have some frequently asked questions in mind. Another way to get questions is by checking your insurance website's analytics for keyword searches.

Example: Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions During An Insurance Agency Website Consultation

The List Post
If you have tips, ideas or tactics to share, your readers will enjoy this format. List posts are effective because they're quick and scannable. Readers are able to hone in on the sections they're most interested in. This keeps them interested in your post. It may even lead to your readers clicking around your website for more information.

Tip: The key to a list post is using either a bulleted or numbered list. If you use a numbered list, include the number in the blog title. Numbers in headlines are a great way to get more people clicking on your blog post.

Example: 6 Reasons to Attend #AgentCon16

The How-To Post
The how-to post format is great because these posts are educational. Like list posts, the how-to blog post can be broken down with a numbered list. However, a how-to post will walk the reader through a task with specific steps or tips.

Tip: How-to posts can be boring if not done right. To keep your readers' attention, use images to illustrate steps. Also, make the language as simple as possible. Weed out the insurance jargon as much as possible.

Example: How to Make Your Insurance Agency Website More Effective

The Infographic Post
The infographic post works well because it does what a list or how-to post does but with images. Infographics do well on social media because of these images, especially on Twitter where there is a character limit.

Tip: Statistics, compiled data, and how-to processes work best for the infographic blog format. Also, this is the time where you can get creative. Use fun colors and cool fonts to make your infographic stand out.

Example: Insurance Website Builder Process 101

More Blog Formats

    • Case study
    • Interview
    • Quiz
    • Link roundup
    • Guest post
    • Checklist
    • Comparison post
    • Review
    • An open letter
    • An event recap

  • Mixing it up with different blog formats is a great way to keep your blog interesting. If you always write lists, try a how-to or FAQ post.

    Blogging doesn't have to be hard. Sometimes, deciding on a new format can even inspire and break you out of writer's block.

    What's your favorite blog post format to write?


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