The 3 Daily Social Media Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget

October 7, 2015


With social media marketing, it isn't one size fits all. But, there is a constant when it comes to using social media: it takes time. When your work days are busy, it's easy to forget how important social media is. It is an important part of your whole agency marketing strategy.

Social media should be more than getting likes and followers. It should enhance your marketing. It should help promote your agency. It should drive in more traffic to your insurance agency website. Social media, when done well and over time, can increase your conversions.

If you want social media to work in your favor, here are three tasks you should make time for and commit to every day.

  1. Check Your Alerts. Checking your alerts is an important part of social media but is easy to forget. This is especially true if you don't have alerts set up for your social media accounts. Without checking your mentions daily, you will never know how your posts or tweets are doing. Plus, when you check mentions daily, you're aware of any conversation involving your agency. For instance, customer service issues. If a client decides to air his grievance about your agency on social media, you want to know ASAP. You can then control the situation and prevent it from having a negative impact your agency.
  2. Build Relationships. Along with engaging with your clients, you also should engage with other businesses. Comment, like or share posts from referral sources and other businesses in your community. Look at your friends' feeds or the people who frequently engage with your agency. This will build upon your relationships and improve your agency advocacy.
  3. Be Aware of Prospects. If someone new follows your agency on social media, it could be a hint that they are in the market for insurance. Maybe they found you through a local web search or heard about you by word of mouth. No matter how they found you, always be aware and take advantage of the follow. Engage by thanking them for the follow. Also, use Twitter lists to help you keep track of potential customers.

Besides consistent posting, completing these tasks daily can improve your social media marketing so your efforts aren't in vain.

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