The 2 Most Influential Pages on an Insurance Agency Website

May 5, 2014

After you get a potential client on your insurance website, what pushes them to call the number at the top of your website? Other agencies offer the same products as you do. Potential clients know this and calculate several factors when making decision.

While consumers compile their list of insurance agencies to call, there are a few pages they look at on your agency website that can sway them to pick up the phone to call you.

About Us Page

In the digital age, where anyone can create any kind of website, online fraud and scammers are out there. A blank About Us page raises a red flag for your online visitors and it may be the tip that throws you off the scale and causes your visitors to leave your website. So who are you really?

Writing specific information about your agency helps convince potential clients that you are a legitimate business. You also will give them a good idea of what your agency is like. Add in details about when you were founded and by whom. This helps show how well-established and experienced your agency is, while adding in city names that your offices have done business in also slips in some good keywords to help you optimize the page for search engines.

TestimonialsTestimonials Page

More people trust reviews about your agency than an agency's official advertising. When talking to an insurance agent or reading information on your website, the consumer knows that you are trying to sell him or her something. There will always be speculation on how much of the good things you are saying are true.

Let your current clients sell you. Posting solid, positive reviews about your insurance agency on your website will increase the chances of a phone call. Ask your clients to honestly review your agency and post their unedited comments on your insurance website to provide the essential social proof to all of your visitors.

But be wary of tossing out all negative or mediocre reviews. While you do not want to post incorrect information or hateful comments, it is better than having a suspiciously high percentage of 5-star reviews. You may give off the impression that real clients are not actually writing the reviews, and that your testimonials page is a trick, which is an impression you want to avoid at all costs.

Help your online visitors decide to call you by improving the most influential pages of your insurance agency website. The more information you give your potential clients about your agency, the more comfortable they can feel that you are the best fit for their insurance needs.

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