Summer Slowdown: What to Do When Business Slows Down

July 24, 2017 Malika James

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It depends on the industry, but it’s hard to imagine your agency isn’t experiencing a slowdown in the summer months. Forty-five percent of Americans take vacation in the summer according to

This means there are less people sitting at their desks and reading emails than during the rest of the year. So, what can you do during this time to further your email marketing efforts?

Do a Deep Dive into Your Data

You can take this time to dig deeper into your data. Are your emails getting the response you’d like? Which emails are working the best and which aren’t working at all?

You can even run an A/B test during this time since you know less contacts will see the emails you’re testing out. Most importantly: Audit the work you’ve been doing using your data.

Edit and Refine Existing Campaigns

We’re big fans of automated emails. But, just because you can set up an email campaign and let it run doesn’t mean you don’t make changes. Don’t set it and forget it.

If you find outdated information, update it. Sending out irrelevant or outdated information turns contacts off. Jupiter research found relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails.

If you see trends in your data that you need to compensate for, do it. Your contacts may have liked opening emails at 2 p.m. on Thursdays last year. But, this year they might like Wednesday mornings better. Be prepared to tweak everything.

Are you sending contacts the same emails over and over? If so, they’re not reading them anymore. Even changing your birthday email design may increase the chances of it doing the work you devised it for.

Plan Ahead

While you have some down time, check how things have changed for your business. Change is a constant. Marketing plans, especially digital marketing, are more fluid than ever.

Consider changes to your brand, your business needs, and marketing strategy. Are those reflected in your current email marketing strategy? This is a great time to devise brand new content for your new needs.

If you’ve identified a weakness in cross selling, then a brand new cross sell campaign may be in order. If you know you are in need of referrals, you can develop a referral promotion campaign.


You don’t have to let the summer slowdown get you down! Use your time wisely and prepare for the future while your customers are on vacation.


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Malika James

As an AgencyBuzz coordinator, Malika James helps insurance agents create emails and drip campaigns that foster genuine and organic relationships between agents and their contacts. It is her prevailing belief that the more human emails are, the more people become attached to the agents that serve them. Malika has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh. A big dog lover, Malika also enjoys creative writing and live music.

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