STOP! Don’t Make These Insurance Website Design Mistakes

May 2, 2016

Stop Sign graphicWe look at a lot of insurance agency websites.

Since we've designed several thousand of them, it's what we do. We've become experts at which insurance website design trends work and which ones don't.

The frequent mistakes I describe below pop up more often than 'Friends' re-runs. Are you making them on your insurance website? Let's jump right into it.

1. Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

We get it. The more buttons, the more ways for your visitors to do what you want them to do.

But do you know what you want them to do? If your goal is to get a quote request, then you only need a few buttons.

If you oversaturate your website with links and buttons, your calls to action (CTAs) won't stand out. Too many CTAs defeats their purpose.

Instead, use your buttons and CTAs with intention. You want to guide your visitors through your insurance agency website. This reduces your visitors' stress as they try to navigate your website. And, it helps you determine exactly where your leads are coming from.

2. Personal Photos vs Stolen Photos

Which is better? Well, they're both bad. Let me explain.

You have a personal photo of your awesomely cute puppy. You want to use that on your pet insurance website. Sounds great, right?

But, it's low quality. The photo suffers from poor lighting. Those things distract your visitor from the professionalism you're trying to communicate. Personal photos are not always great.

So you're thinking, 'How about I Google an image and find exactly what I need there?' This is also a bad idea because it can end up costing you thousands.

Both methods are more affordable than hiring someone to take photos for your website. These methods are also illegal. In other words, you get what you pay for.

A more affordable option to hiring a professional photographer is stock imagery. An insurance website design expert can give you access to a stock image library.

Stock photos look good and have broad appeal. Plus, since you get the license to use it, you don't have to worry about fines or legal issues.

3. Designing With Only Your Interest in Mind

I get it. Your website is your baby. It is the online representation of your agency and who you are.

You've built it from the ground up. Or, in some cases, from the brink of doom. It has your favorite colors. Its images depict you and your agency.

But, you've made it all about you. Your website isn't meeting the needs of your prospects and clients.

An insurance website is a tool. Because it's a tool, use it as such. Use it to generate leads. Use it to educate people about what you do and who you are. Use it to better service your clients.

To do this you need to design your website for your audience, not for you.

4. Build It and They Will Come

Reality check: just because you built it, doesn't mean people know about it and will come. A common misconception about a new website is the belief that once it's built, leads will pour in.

You can't build it and forget. Instead think of your insurance agency website as an ongoing project.

Share information on your website through blogging. Use social media and your agency newsletter to promote your new insurance agency website. Optimize your website for search engines to increase your visibility in the rankings.

Are you hosting or sponsoring any events? What about other events happening in your area? Add them to your calendar so your website becomes the place people visit to find out what's happening.

There are many other ways you can promote your website to increase your traffic. But don't assume you will get more traffic just by getting a new website.

Bonus: Not Trusting an Expert to Build Your Website

Just like how you're an expert on insurance, you want an expert on insurance website design.

An expert will work with you to understand your goals for your insurance agency website. Then, that expert will build a website that not only looks amazing but will help you achieve those goals.

And, in case you forgot... we've designed a few websites in our time. (Insurance Website Builder is the largest provider of insurance agency websites in the country.) So we know a thing or two about what makes a great insurance website.

Bottom Line

These common insurance website design mistakes can hurt your agency's reputation.

Too much clutter or poor image quality can cause your visitors to think you're not serious. Using images you found on Google can end up costing you.

Designing your website for yourself means you're not providing any value to your visitors. Not promoting your website is a missed opportunity to grow your traffic.

If you want a great insurance website that works for your agency, don't make these mistakes.

Request a free consultation to learn more about Insurance Website Builder and how we can help you.

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