Start Spreading the News: 10 Newsletter Topic Ideas

October 11, 2017

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At its core, your agency newsletter serves a purely functional purpose. It is a way to keep clients apprised of updates and news they need to know.

Email newsletters also keep your insurance agency brand top of mind. Customers will regularly see your company name in their inboxes. Soon, they'll think of you when they need insurance help.

There are plenty of good reasons to send out a regular newsletter. For most agents, it's simply a matter of thinking of what to say. Having trouble coming up with what to put in this month’s agency newsletter? Try these ten ideas.


1. Agency Updates

Does your agency have a new employee? Need to get the word out about a new office location? Will you have special hours during an upcoming holiday? Use your newsletter to get the word out to your customers.

2. Resource Guide

What are the top resources you direct clients to for more information? It could be the FAQ page on your website. Perhaps you have a list of common insurance terms and definitions. Or, you refer clients to a helpful article about claims. Compile these into a resource guide for your subscribers.


3. Recent Blog Post

Do you blog? You should! Repurpose your latest blog post for this month’s newsletter. Shorten it to the main ideas or takeaways. Include a relevant image, too. Then, link to the full article if readers want to find more details.

4. Events

Is your agency hosting or attending an upcoming local event? Include the date, time and relevant information in your next newsletter. Be sure the newsletter sends before the event date. Another idea is to post a recap of a recent event. Include photos!


5. Surveys

Ever wonder what customers really think about your agency? Don’t let it be a mystery. Use your newsletter to do a little consumer research. Send out a short survey to learn where your agency is doing well and where you need to improve. Another angle: Send out a fun poll. Include the results in your next newsletter.


6. Referral Specials

Does your agency run a referral program? It's the perfect time to remind them about it in your newsletter. Drive new business to your agency. Be sure to include a clear call to action and direct customers and prospects to the right phone number or web page.


7. News

Create a news section of your newsletter and populate it with relevant headlines. Hyperlink them to the full article. Keep your content short and streamlined. The type of news articles you choose should depend on your target audience. You can focus on community happenings or insurance-related news stories.


8. Just for Fun

Your newsletter doesn’t have to be all business. Readers still appreciate an interesting factoid or funny picture. What’s the last thing that made you laugh or think? Include that at the end of your next newsletter. Just make sure it’s appropriate for your audience.  

9. Video

Does your agency create video content? Highlight it in your newsletter. Instead of embedding video directly into your email, keep your email size small. Take a screenshot of your video and insert that image in your newsletter content. Link the image to the webpage your video lives on. When readers click, they'll be taken to the full video. Voila!


10. Social Media Pages

Drive likes, follows, and shares to social media pages from your agency newsletter. List your social media handles and encourage readers to find your agency on social media and watch your followers grow.

You can include all sorts of information in your insurance newsletter. Just be sure everything is relevant to your clients. As always, stay tuned to our blog for more great newsletter tips and content ideas. Here are a few related blog posts you may also enjoy.


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