Social Media: How Often is Too Often

November 2, 2015

social media


We've written many times about the benefits of social media. It can drive traffic to your insurance agency website and increase your brand awareness. Sometimes, it can even produce referrals.

However, to get those benefits, you have to use social media frequently. Just like you can post too little, you can post too often. But how much is too much?

The frequency of your social media varies from platform to platform.


Most major brands, like iTunes, Red Bull and Converse, average at least one Facebook post per day. Although these brands are retail companies, the same applies to your insurance agency. There's so much content in our news feeds. It takes fresh content to stay visible. By regularly posting to your Facebook, you'll do just that. But, don't be annoying. Posting more than twice per day could become a nuisance.


Twitter is a different beast. There's a character limit, and its feed is faster than Facebook. In fact, a tweet is dead after 18 minutes. I think that's pretty generous. Because of this short lifespan, the frequency you tweet can and should be higher. If you have engaging content and want to be noticed, tweeting three to five times per day is ideal. The key is choosing the most engaging content and finding the right time. Hone in on when you get the most impressions and engagement with your tweets. You can find this information in your Twitter analytics. It may take some flexibility on your part. But finding the right content and schedule will only help you reach your Twitter goals.


Google+ is like Facebook. So your posting frequency can mimic Facebook's. You may even be able to get away with less and post two or three times a week since Google+ isn't as crowded. But, don't count Google+ out. Especially if you have an agency blog or engaging images you want to share.

One Thing to Remember

These are just guidelines. If you're posting twice a day to Facebook and you see your engagement slip, try posting less. You need to find what works best for your agency. You need to find the frequency that engages your followers without overwhelming them. The best way to find out how much is too much is trial and error.

Social media is an important part of your agency marketing plan. You want to strike the perfect balance of connecting with your followers without being annoying. With proper planning and a little research, you can do it.

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