So...they've stopped answering your emails. What's next?

October 25, 2013

From time to time, we have an agent who would like to reconnect with customers who may have left their agency for one reason or another, or maybe the agent has noticed his open rate has been slowly taking a dip south. What we suggest for agents who share these concerns is a re-engagement campaign, or a win back campaign as it's sometimes called.

A re-engagement campaign is a great way to scrub your list. The people who do not re-subscribe or follow through on the email can be removed from your list so you are not wasting time going after someone who is clearly not interested in your email marketing messages any longer. Let's look at what items you need to make a successful re-engagement campaign.

  • Grab their attention: This is the time to put on your creativity cap. Your regular messages are not grabbing them, so the re-engagement message needs to stand out. Look at your newsletters and drip campaigns to see what worked in the past and what did not. This is the campaign to pull out all of the stops.
A great way to grab someone's attention is to include a short video in your email. Record yourself talking about the agency and take them on a virtual tour around the office. Video can put a human touch on what can be an otherwise cold medium. It shouldn't be the only piece in the email, but your video can be the show stopper you use to get their attention.


  • Remind them of the value your emails bring them: Alert them to special tips you may send, a segment that's exclusive to your newsletters, why your agency can offer them a better level of service, or what makes you stand out among your local competition. All of these things are great reasons to stay subscribed or to come back to your agency. What makes you different?
  • Make it easy for them to say YES: Include a clear and easy, one-click confirmation as your call to action. Make it bold and simple. You should never make it cumbersome to receive messages from your agency or no one will subscribe.
  • Let them know they will be removed from your mailings if they do not respond: Be clear about the fact that without confirmation via your call to action saying they would like to receive messages from you, they will not hear from you again.

    Remember, this is an attempt to re-engage a dead lead or someone who hasn't paid any attention to your messages for some time. If they do not show interest at this point, it is better that you cut your losses and use your resources on leads and customers you do not have to chase.

If you need help putting together a re-engagement campaign, we're here to help. Give our AgencyBuzz specialists a call at 800-383-3482.



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